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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much capital did Lessing's father take to Southern Rhodesia?
(a) £ 10,000.
(b) £ 2,500.
(c) £ 100.
(d) £ 1,000.

2. What did the doctor prescribe to alleviate Lessing's mother's ailment?
(a) Bed rest.
(b) Penicillin.
(c) Hydration and exercise.
(d) Tonic and quinine.

3. What kind of food were the children fed at the convent that Lessing stayed in as a child?
(a) French peasant food.
(b) German peasant food.
(c) English peasant food.
(d) Traditional Rhodesian food.

4. How was Aunt Betty Cleverly like most women of her generation?
(a) Aunt Betty had decided not to marry.
(b) Aunt Betty's lover was killed in the War.
(c) Aunt Betty was unhappily married.
(d) Aunt Betty was committed to Victorian values.

5. Who stated that children should play in mud?
(a) Montessori.
(b) Lessing's father.
(c) Lessing's mother.
(d) Mrs. Scott.

Short Answer Questions

1. Growing up, what was Lessing always told about the family's financial status?

2. With whom did Lessing board as a child?

3. How did the author feel about her childhood?

4. How many biographers were writing about Lessing at the time that she wrote the book?

5. Which of the following names does Lessing give the personality that would comes out of her while under the influence of drugs?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Lessing's father's medical condition in this chapter.

2. How does Lessing describe her childhood vulnerability?

3. In Chapter 7, what did Lessing and her brother do in the bush?

4. After tracing the history of her parents' lives, what does Lessing ponder?

5. What did Lessing suspect was the root of her mother's illness?

6. How did Lessing become an atheist?

7. Describe the circumstances that led to Alfred's depression.

8. What sensation predominated Lessing's childhood?

9. What did Lessing do one night when she was forced to remain in the cabin while her parents attended a dance?

10. How did Lessing avoid dealing with her conflicts with her mother?

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