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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was it especially dangerous for Gottfried to carry on an affair?
(a) Because he was a married man.
(b) Because he was a high-ranking official.
(c) Because he was an enemy alien.
(d) Because he was a career criminal.

2. In Chapter 13, who did Lessing encounter in the street?
(a) Her brother, Harry.
(b) Gottfried Lessing.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Dorothy Schwartz.

3. Who was the editor of The New Rhodesia?
(a) Lessing.
(b) Frank Wisdom.
(c) N.H. Wilson.
(d) Gottfried Lessing.

4. Where did the young people in Lessing's circles get their beer?
(a) Capetown Brewery.
(b) Castle Brewery.
(c) Brewer's Pub.
(d) Salisbury Brewery.

5. What had Lessing become after attending meetings with Dorothy?
(a) A rebel.
(b) A Democrat.
(c) A Fascist.
(d) A Communist.

6. Why would Gottfried and Lessing often drive into the suburbs?
(a) To visit Lessing's dying father.
(b) To shop for specialty goods.
(c) To stay in the suburbs with friends.
(d) To avoid the noise of the city.

7. Why did Lessing begin to eat less during meals?
(a) Lessing's mother told her to try to lose weight.
(b) Lessing wanted to impress a farm assistant.
(c) Because the clothing that would arrive for her was always too small.
(d) Lessing wanted to foil her mother's attempts to feed the family well.

8. To which of the following areas did Lessing travel?
(a) Umtali.
(b) London.
(c) Salisbury.
(d) Capetown.

9. To which party did Ken Graham belong?
(a) The Labor Party.
(b) The Centrist Party.
(c) The Communist Party.
(d) The group of anarchists in Southern Rhodesia.

10. Why did Kurt and Esther refuse to attend meetings?
(a) Because they could not find a party meeting that appealed to them to attend.
(b) Because they were afraid of being deported.
(c) Because they felt that the meetings were childish.
(d) Because they had learned not to speak out politically.

11. In Chapter 16, which part of Esther and Kurt's house was exclusively Esther's?
(a) The kitchen.
(b) The laundry room.
(c) The sewing room.
(d) The garden.

12. What were young women specifically cautioned against in London during that period?
(a) The wicked intentions of teenage boys.
(b) Showing too much knowledge about politics.
(c) The risk of not appearing to be marriage material.
(d) The White Slave Trade.

13. With whom did Lessing talk at the Meikles Hotel Lounge?
(a) A former Nazi.
(b) An RAF member.
(c) A philandering artist.
(d) A committed Communist.

14. What did the Portuguese woman give to Lessing?
(a) A red shawl.
(b) A red dress.
(c) A red evening bag.
(d) A red hat.

15. In Chapter 12, what did Lessing do to calm down John?
(a) She read stories of animals to him.
(b) She sang nursery rhymes to him.
(c) She took John for walks in the pram.
(d) She laid him on his back on the carpet.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what activity does Lessing compare learning the skills of her new job?

2. How old was Jean in the scene that Lessing describes in this chapter?

3. How did Lessing feel about World War II at that time?

4. What was Lessing's wage when she worked as a junior typist?

5. In Chapter 10, which of the following countries was Lessing thinking about as she stood at the edge of the tobacco field?

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