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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Twenty and Twenty-One.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What remained unaffected by the Lessings' existence for 20 years?
(a) The wildcats.
(b) The bush.
(c) The natives.
(d) The trees.

2. Where did the young people in Lessing's circles get their beer?
(a) Capetown Brewery.
(b) Brewer's Pub.
(c) Castle Brewery.
(d) Salisbury Brewery.

3. With whom did Lessing talk at the Meikles Hotel Lounge?
(a) An RAF member.
(b) A former Nazi.
(c) A philandering artist.
(d) A committed Communist.

4. To what does Lessing compare guilt?
(a) A festering sore.
(b) A nagging woman.
(c) An elephant in the room.
(d) An iceberg.

5. What kind of dress was Lessing wearing in the scene that she describes?
(a) Green satin.
(b) Black velvet.
(c) Red velvet.
(d) Grey silk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following historic examples does Lessing use to support her claims about human nature?

2. What year did Lessing leave Southern Rhodesia?

3. What was the difference between African huts and English huts?

4. In which book did Lessing write about Mr. Whitehead?

5. In what year was Gottfried Lessing born?

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