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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Fourteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lessing describe as another form of intoxication aside from alcohol?
(a) Her body.
(b) Her newfound ability to earn money.
(c) Her rebellion against her parents.
(d) Her book collection.

2. Where did Lessing's father work after he was discharged from the Army?
(a) National Hospital of England.
(b) Imperial Bank of Persia.
(c) The Scotland Yard.
(d) A small farm in Rhodesia.

3. In which book did Lessing write about Mr. Whitehead?
(a) In Pursuit of the English.
(b) In African Laughter.
(c) In Going Home.
(d) In Time Bites.

4. Why was it especially dangerous for Gottfried to carry on an affair?
(a) Because he was a high-ranking official.
(b) Because he was a career criminal.
(c) Because he was a married man.
(d) Because he was an enemy alien.

5. What did Lessing refuse to have on her bed at night?
(a) A quilt.
(b) A kaross.
(c) A blanket.
(d) A mosquito net.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year was Gottfried Lessing born?

2. What image from the photograph album does Lessing describe?

3. How does Lessing describe Frank Cooper's views on the world?

4. Where did Lessing first experience a social event in which she and black people were treated equally?

5. In Chapter 10, which of the following countries was Lessing thinking about as she stood at the edge of the tobacco field?

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