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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twelve.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lessing describe the letters that she received from her mother?
(a) Refreshing.
(b) Docile.
(c) Frantic.
(d) Furious.

2. What do Lessing's parents do in preparation for their next voyage?
(a) They studied French.
(b) They had their teeth removed.
(c) They saved money scrupulously.
(d) They drew up a legal will.

3. Which of the following drugs does Lessing admit to having taken once?
(a) Mescalin.
(b) Heroin.
(c) Marijuana.
(d) Cocaine.

4. Which of Lessing's books began at that time in her life?
(a) The Cleft.
(b) Going Home.
(c) Landlocked.
(d) Martha Quest.

5. How many eggs did Lessing attend to on the farm?
(a) 72.
(b) 7.
(c) 64.
(d) 88.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were young women specifically cautioned against in London during that period?

2. In Chapter 2, what is one thing that Lessing says the writer must have in order to begin to write about his/her life?

3. Why did Lessing learn to drive?

4. How did the author feel about her childhood?

5. Which of the following did Lessing delight in telling the other children at the school?

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