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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the daughters of the mothers of the1960's view sex?
(a) As something to avoid.
(b) As a right.
(c) As a privilege.
(d) As a pleasurable pursuit.

2. In Chapter 11, where did Lessing work?
(a) Lessing transcribed notes for a local newspaper.
(b) Lessing worked at the Telephone Exchange.
(c) Lessing worked as an au pair for the Smith family.
(d) Lessing worked part-time at several lawyers' firms.

3. How does Lessing describe their sex life?
(a) Exciting.
(b) Strained.
(c) Spirited.
(d) Sad.

4. What do Lessing's parents do in preparation for their next voyage?
(a) They had their teeth removed.
(b) They saved money scrupulously.
(c) They drew up a legal will.
(d) They studied French.

5. Which of the following drugs does Lessing admit to having taken once?
(a) Mescalin.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) Marijuana.
(d) Heroin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Lessing's name for her outward personality?

2. Where did Kurt claim his real education occurred?

3. How did Lessing's mother convey her distaste for Emily McVeagh?

4. Why was it especially dangerous for Gottfried to carry on an affair?

5. How old was Lessing when she wrote "The Treasure Trunk"?

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