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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Fourteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Lessing's family live before they found property?
(a) In Johannesburg.
(b) In Lilfordia.
(c) In Kent.
(d) In London.

2. Which of the following was NOT a language commonly spoken in the Lessing home?
(a) French.
(b) Russian.
(c) Spanish.
(d) German.

3. To which of the following areas did Lessing travel?
(a) Salisbury.
(b) Umtali.
(c) London.
(d) Capetown.

4. Which of the following sparkled in every rock that surrounded the Lessings' home?
(a) Diamonds.
(b) Pyrite.
(c) Gold.
(d) Quartz.

5. In Chapter 9, which year does Lessing describe as a "make or break" year in her life?
(a) Her 12th year.
(b) Her 14th year.
(c) Her 16th year.
(d) Her 17th year.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who vouched for Gottfried Lessing to get him out of jail?

2. Why was it especially dangerous for Gottfried to carry on an affair?

3. In Chapter 14, what year did Lessing marry Gottfried Lessing?

4. What was the primary battle between Lessing and her mother centered upon?

5. To which party did Ken Graham belong?

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