Under My Skin Character Descriptions

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Doris Lessing

Born in Persia, this individual is British by nationality and raised in Southern Rhodesia.

Maude Tayler

Determined to instill valuable lessons and advance knowledge in the family, this individual home schools his/her children.

Alfred Tayler

This individual loses a leg to a bomb during combat in World War I.

Harry Tayler

This individual joins the Navy at the beginning of World War II, and survives the sinking of his ship.

Doroty Schwartz

This individual works at the telephone exchange, and attends Communist meetings in Southern Rhodesia.

Frank Wisdom

This individual is a civil servant for the government of Southern Rhodesia.

John and Jean Wisdom

These individuals remain in Southern Rhodesia when their mother moves to London.

Gottfried Lessing

Born in Russia and raised in Germany, this individual becomes an active member of the East German political Communist Party, and is murdered by terrorists in Africa...

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