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Chapter One

• In Chapter 1, Lessing traces her family tree and learns that her parents did not love their parents.

• Lessing observes that women seem to be invisible in history.

• Doris' mother, Maude, is trained to be a nurse, and is assigned to a hospital where she falls in love with a young doctor.

• Dispatched to a ship, the doctor dies when the ship is torpedoed.
• When World War I begins, Lessing's father, Alfred is injured, and ends up in the same hospital where Maude works as a nurse.

• Alfred's injury requires the amputation of his leg, and he becomes depressed.

• Alfred and Maude fall in love and marry.

• Alfred is assigned to a position with the Bank in Kermanshah, Persia.

• Doris is born there in Persia in October of 1919.

Chapter Two

• In Chapter 2, Lessing discusses the role of truth in autobiography.

• Lessing finds it easier to write the...

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