Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague 1941-1968 Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Heda Margolius Kovaly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position for a publisher does Kovály secure for herself in 1946?
(a) Proofreader.
(b) Production artist.
(c) Translator.
(d) Art editor.

2. What happens to the national borders as 1948 end?
(a) The borders are closed.
(b) The borders are reopened.
(c) The borders are extended.
(d) The Soviet Union stations their armies at the borders.

3. On one occasion, Kovály discovers the body of an acquaintance covered with what?
(a) Hay.
(b) Maggots.
(c) Blankets.
(d) Rats.

4. Who is Franz?
(a) A Nazi guard who gives food to the camp inmates.
(b) A man Kovály knows from her old neighborhood.
(c) A Nazi guard who occasionally lets prisoners escape.
(d) A Nazi guard who often acts as executioner.

5. This is the only Jewish person Kovály knew before the war who returns to Prague?
(a) Rudolf Margolius.
(b) Vlada.
(c) Her aunt.
(d) The local Rabbi.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of the book, who does Kovály name as individuals who help shape her life?

2. Following the end of the war, how do the Prague civil authorities handle the return of concentration camp prisoners?

3. Which of the following does the owner of the publishers NOT instruct Kovály about?

4. What does Kovály see while walking by a river that brings the war to a personal conclusion?

5. What is the apartment like that Kovály is assigned?

Short Essay Questions

1. What complaint does Marta have about Vlada when Kovály met her?

2. What is said to have been the main topic of discussion for out of work Czechs after the war?

3. What does Kovály notice about the confessions issued by people arrested by the Communists?

4. What is life like for Kovály as a slave laborer at Auschwitz?

5. Where is Kovály's family when the Soviet occupation occurred?

6. After her husband is arrested, what do state policemen come to her apartment to do?

7. Why is Kovály summoned before a Party committee in 1963?

8. Of what does Kovály discover the politicians wives are fearful?

9. What happens to Kovály's family at Auschwitz?

10. What brought the war to a conclusion for Kovály personally?

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