Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague 1941-1968 Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Heda Margolius Kovaly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of the book, who does Kovály name as individuals who help shape her life?
(a) Her God-mother and God-father.
(b) Hitler and Stalin.
(c) Rudolf Margolias and Pavel Kovály.
(d) Lenin and Marx.

2. What happens to the people who are staying in Auschwitz as the allied forces advance?
(a) They are marched westward.
(b) They are relocated via train.
(c) They are released.
(d) They are executed.

3. What happens to Kovály's cousin days after she rescues him?
(a) He escapes from the ghetto.
(b) He falls into a coma and dies.
(c) He is imprisoned by the Nazis.
(d) He is thrown a surprise party.

4. What are the living conditions in the ghetto?
(a) Horrible.
(b) Calm.
(c) Luxurious.
(d) Sanitary.

5. How does Margolius feel about his work for the Communist Party?
(a) He is indifferent to his role.
(b) He feels he is working against Czechoslovakia's best interests.
(c) He is devoted to it.
(d) He does his work without conviction.

Short Answer Questions

1. To which camp is Kovály and her family sent when their ghetto is liquidated?

2. What position does Margolius secure in the government?

3. Which of Kovály's friends also returns with Franta?

4. This is the only Jewish person Kovály knew before the war who returns to Prague?

5. Who is Eva?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Kovály hesitant to get involved with the Communist Party?

2. How is Kovály treated differently at the hospital when it became known that her husband had been arrested?

3. How are Kovály and Margolius able to communicate after his arrest?

4. What is Kovály's last meeting with Margolius like?

5. What brought the war to a conclusion for Kovály personally?

6. What does Margolius have to say in his court statements?

7. Who is arrested in November 1951 and how does it affect Margolius?

8. How does Kovály get back to Prague?

9. After Margolius' death, why does Kovály worry that she would be arrested?

10. Where is Kovály's family when the Soviet occupation occurred?

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