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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31 Reporting to the President September 23 - December 31, 1806.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Clark's River, or Bitterroot River, the expedition met with
(a) Samish Indians
(b) Modoc Indians
(c) Shoshone squaws
(d) Ross Indians

2. On some of the worst days of the expedition the men were forced to
(a) Pray for their safety
(b) Eat the meat of a colt
(c) Eat berries for dinner
(d) Cuddle together for warmth

3. Lewis triumphantly returned to the east with
(a) All his men in good health
(b) Half of the men ill or deceased
(c) Just a few men left
(d) Leftover supplies

4. Lewis felt that within ten years, Americans would
(a) Settle the west coast
(b) Be moving to Canada to avoid taxes
(c) Easily make the journey across the continent
(d) Be the biggest fur traders on earth

5. Mriwether Lewis gathered his specimens by
(a) Killing them
(b) Making sketches of them
(c) Pinning them to the boat's deck
(d) Commanding Seaman to kill them

Short Answer Questions

1. Twisted Hair was a

2. Lewis planned ahead for meetings with Native Americans by bringing

3. After the hungry men gorged themselves on dried fish and roots,

4. Jefferson made Lewis a member of

5. Lewis tried to spin the bad news that

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