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Bitterroot Mountains

A small spur range of the Rocky Mountains.

Columbia River

The largest river flowing into the Pacific Ocean from the Western Hemisphere.

Continental Divide

A theoretical line which forms the border between the two great watersheds of North America.

Corps of Discovery

The name given to the group of men who successfully executed the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Fort Clatsop

A structure built by the Corps of Discovery on the shore of the Columbia River.

Fur Trade

An immensely lucrative commercial endeavor that held wide political and economic implications.

Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Augmented with scientific and geographic observations, they formed a record of the expedition.

Arms and Ammunition

Relied upon by the expedition for success, they were the finest available at the time.

Louisiana Purchase

Approximately 830,000 square miles acquired from France in 1803.

Missouri River

The major tributary of the Mississippi River.

St. Louis

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