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Jay Haley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Either Harold wasn't truly homosexual in the first place, but had other troubles with women, or was a bisexual who was turned on to women once what?
(a) His fears of them had been properly addressed.
(b) His sister died.
(c) He came to terms with his abusive childhood.
(d) His parents passed away.

2. A prominent concern is a family entanglement in which Harold needs to alter the dynamic with himself and one of his siblings who is one member of what kind of couple?
(a) Alcoholic.
(b) Dishonest.
(c) All answers are correct.
(d) Abusive.

3. One case of Chapter 4 includes a man named Harold who asserts that he is homosexual and hates women. He is also what?
(a) Financially poor and an idiot.
(b) Wealthy and attractive.
(c) Deaf and mute.
(d) Married with children.

4. Which technique is rooted in two ideas: that at least many unconscious motives are beneficial and that positive reinforcement is most effective in influencing behavior?
(a) "Seeding Ideas".
(b) "Avoiding Self-Exploration".
(c) "Emphasizing the Positive".
(d) "Encouraging Resistance".

5. In Chapter 5, Haley shows how Erickson applied therapy when the challenge was to help new parents over into the ______ of being parents.
(a) Involvement.
(b) Phase of life.
(c) Regression.
(d) Evolution.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what technique does Erickson use trance to release people from deep-seated behavior patterns, some of which have been counter productive or relied upon to reduce fears?

2. Harold became negative about the _______ with whom he had had been sexually involved in a limited sense.

3. In Chapter 5, Haley writes about a case in which a wealthy woman had to be tranced into more full awareness of her feelings of acceptance during her childhood and how this set a healthy foundation for her to feel confident in her ability to do what?

4. Under which heading does Haley write that the marriage ceremony is actually very important to more than just those who are marrying?

5. It is stated in In Chapter 2 that some, but not all, will naturally ________; others will not. This evidently affects the culture.

Short Essay Questions

1. Give an example of a case where trance was used by Erickson in Chapter 5.

2. What does Erickson state regarding seeing only one spouse in a marriage?

3. What is Erickson's approach to the family "as a group"?

4. What does Haley write regarding post-partum depression in Chapter 6?

5. What does Erickson feel regarding dissent with a couple in the sessions?

6. How and with whom does Harold end up beginning a relationship with in Chapter 4?

7. What is one of the more controversial aspects of Erickson's hypnosis?

8. What is done with the teenage daughter who knows a family secret in Chapter 8?

9. What is Erickson's approach to "family orientation"?

10. How does Erickson address Harold's issues with women?

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