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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. __________ says that he should have stolen money from the estate and made himself a better life.
(a) Telegin.
(b) The Professor.
(c) Astrov.
(d) Vanya.

2. Vanya tells Sonya they must quickly _____________ otherwise he won't be able to go on.
(a) Marry.
(b) Kiss.
(c) Leave.
(d) Get to work.

3. Whose silence is interpreted to mean that Astrov said that he wouldn't be coming back?
(a) Vanya.
(b) Sonya.
(c) Yelena.
(d) The Professor.

4. Astrov says that he will not be back to the house again unless there is ______________.
(a) A celebration.
(b) An emergency.
(c) A party.
(d) A fire.

5. What does Astrov do to Yelena when she begins to protest her motives and actions?
(a) Walks away from her in a huff.
(b) Kisses her hands.
(c) Slaps her.
(d) Spits on her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has asked everyone to gather for some kind of announcement, according to Vanya?

2. When the harness bells sound, Astrov comments that ___________ must be glad to leave for good.

3. Sonya tells Vanya that she _____________, but she has decided to endure it.

4. Who does Vanya say staggers as she walks out of her own sheer laziness?

5. Vanya shouts that ___________ is the enemy and that this person has destroyed his life.

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