Uncle Vanya Character Descriptions

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Sofia Alexandrovna - This character is hard-working and plain in appearance. The twenty-four-year-old woman has been in love for six years.

Yelena Andreevna - A twenty-seven-year-old beauty and charmer, this character is married to an elderly professor.

Dr. Mikhail Lvovich Astrov - As Act I opens, this character, the village doctor, is lamenting that he's grown old and has not had a single day off in more than ten years.

Professor Alexander Vladimirovich Serebryakov - This character is a retired professor who was regarded as a Don Juan in his younger days.

Sonya - See Sofia Alexandrovna

Ilya Ilich Telegin - An impoverished landowner, this character lives on the estate and dines regularly with the family.

Marina Timofeevnap - This character, an old nurse, is a plain, small woman who is a soothing presence among the frustrated, lovelorn and angry characters on the estate.

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