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Act 1

• Marina and Astrov talk to each other as Marina knits.

• Vanya enters and complains about life being off its routine.

• Astrov reminds Yelena that he is there to see the Professor.

• Maria notes she's received a pamphlet from a writer she likes.

• A workman comes in and tells Astrov he is needed at the factory.

• Yelena and Vanya have a quiet moment together.

Act 2

• The Professor and Yelena are dozing in the dining room.

• The Professor complains that he is getting old.

• Sonya tells the Professor that he asked to see Astrov.

• Vanya comes in and tells them they're going to have a storm.

• Everyone starts complaining.

• Vanya talks about how he could have proposed marriage to Yelena.

• Astrov tells Telegin to play the guitar.

• Astrov has come to find Yelena, who he thinks is beautiful.

• Sonya complains about Astrov.

• Astrov promises not to drink anymore.

• Sonya...

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