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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was in charge of the new slave in St. Clare household?
(a) Miss Ophelia.
(b) Eva St. Clare.
(c) Augustine St. Clare.
(d) Marie St. Clare.

2. How effective of a money manager is Augustine St. Clare?
(a) He is careless and extravagant with money.
(b) He is a good manager, but people steal from him because he is so trusting.
(c) He is an expert money manager who helps others with their finances.
(d) He is a fairly good money manager.

3. What was the general opinion of Miss Ophelia in the St. Clare household?
(a) She is very helpful, but doesn't understand how to treat Eva.
(b) She is a wonderful addition.
(c) She is getting to be more and more useful every day.
(d) She is a nuisance.

4. Who is Madame de Thoux?
(a) George's sister.
(b) Eliza's sister.
(c) Eliza's mother.
(d) George's mother.

5. What is done with Tom's clothes at the slave auction?
(a) They are sold.
(b) They are made fun of.
(c) They are divided up among other slaves.
(d) They are burned.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the conclusion of Chapter 41, whose suffering from being beaten does Quimbo and Sambo witness?

2. On the first night at the Legree plantation, what does Tom dream of when he falls asleep?

3. Who on the Shelby plantation offers first to earn extra money in Chapter 21?

4. As Cassy, escapes aboard a boat, she listens to a conversation among several slaves that she doesn't know, what piece of information does she find out that is personally meaningful to her?

5. At the end of the slave auction, what does Legree promise to give Emmeline if she "is a good girl?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What is ironic about how and why Augustine St. Clare dies?

2. With all the happy endings in the book, why might Stowe have chosen to have Tom, the most beloved character, beat to death?

3. How does the language of Eliza and George's escape to freedom reflect the mood of this journey--"The blue waves of Lake Erie danced, rippling and sparkling in the sunlight. A fresh breeze blew from the shore, and the lordly boat ploughed her way right gallantly onward."

4. Why is Cassy a key character in through whom Stowe explores Simon Legree's temperament and treatment of slaves?

5. How is Tom's death the epitome of selflessness and forgiveness?

6. What is the ironic about Emmeline's being brought up "by the Bible?"

7. What does the death of Augustine emphasize about the lives and futures of their slaves?

8. How is Cassy and Emmeline's "escape" from Legree bittersweet?

9. What happens in Chapter 38 where Tom is left along often that actually foreshadows Tom's death?

10. Explain how the following passage is foreshadowing: "the rays of the sun formed a kind of glory behind her [Eva], as she came forward in her white dress, with her golden hair and glowing cheeks, her eyes unnaturally bright..."

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