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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Chapter 45, what famous lawyer defended 76 slaves who attempted escape on a schooner named Pearl?
(a) William Jennings Bryan.
(b) Abraham Lincoln.
(c) Robert E. Lee.
(d) Horace Mann.

2. When Eva is alone in her room, why does Eva cut her hair?
(a) To make doll hair for a doll for Topsy.
(b) To make herself look older.
(c) To give locks of hair to people to remember her by.
(d) To make washing her hair less difficult.

3. Where is Simon Legree's plantation?
(a) On the Red River in Louisiana.
(b) On the Mississippi River in Louisiana.
(c) On the New Orleans River in Lousiana.
(d) On the Red River in Mississippi.

4. In Chapter 45, what advice does Stowe give to the white mothers of the North?
(a) To examine their conscience and think what it would be like to have a child taken.
(b) To ban together and form a mothers' group against slavery.
(c) To go to the South and persuade white mothers of the South that slavery is anti-Christian.
(d) To raise money to send blacks back to Africa.

5. After they get the letter from Tom, what does Aunt Chloe ask Mrs. Shelby to write for her?
(a) Directions to New Orleans.
(b) A letter to Tom.
(c) A pass and a recommendation.
(d) Directions to the nearest city.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was in charge of the new slave in St. Clare household?

2. What is done with Tom's clothes at the slave auction?

3. At the slave auction, what does Emmeline do when Legree examined her?

4. What is Mr. Shelby's opinion of Mrs. Shelby's knowledge of business?

5. As Chapter 29 ends, where is Tom on his way to?

Short Essay Questions

1. What event triggers the turning point in Augustine's religious beliefs and who is responsible for his religious education here?

2. With all the happy endings in the book, why might Stowe have chosen to have Tom, the most beloved character, beat to death?

3. As the loose ends of the story are tied up in Chapter 44, what is the purpose of Chapter 45, the final chapter?

4. How is Tom's death the epitome of selflessness and forgiveness?

5. Why might Stowe ends this chapter speaking directly to the reader about what might it feel like to be free for the first time?

6. How does the author use color and/or physical characteristics to symbolize the difference between Augustine and his daughter, Eva, and Alfred and his son, Henrique?

7. What does Stowe insist that Northerners do to truly live by their Christian beliefs?

8. Explain how the following passage is foreshadowing: "the rays of the sun formed a kind of glory behind her [Eva], as she came forward in her white dress, with her golden hair and glowing cheeks, her eyes unnaturally bright..."

9. What purpose does Augustine St. Clare's defense of slavery serve to the reader?

10. Why might Stowe have had the significant black characters who are now free end up going to Africa to do missionary work?

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