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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eliza dream of on the first night that she is taken in and sleeping safely at the new family's house?
(a) A man coming with a notice for her capture--dead or alive.
(b) A man coming across the yard to kidnap her.
(c) Happy, carefree days at the Shelbys.
(d) Happy, carefree days to come in Canada.

2. Who is Aunt Chloe?
(a) Mr. Shelby's aunt who lives with them.
(b) Uncle Tom's wife.
(c) Mrs. Shelby's name.
(d) A gardener.

3. What did Aunt Chloe make for breakfast as "the property" prepares to leave the cabin?
(a) Grits.
(b) Eggs and bacon and ham and grits.
(c) Chicken and corn cake.
(d) Grits and bacon.

4. What happens to Lucy by the end of the Chapter 12?
(a) She is set free.
(b) She gets married.
(c) She drowns.
(d) She escapes.

5. What is the first possible solution Mr. Shelby introduces as a possibility for paying Mr. Haley?
(a) Eliza as payment.
(b) Uncle Tom as payment.
(c) Harry as payment.
(d) Uncle Tom's cabin rent as payment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Simeon suggest as the wisest time to begin slave travel northward?

2. Why does Eliza fear for George to travel so far?

3. Who is Andy?

4. What is Aunt Chloe's primary responsibility of the plantation?

5. Which character speaks about slaves in such a way that it is clear that he treats his slaves kindly and has thought a great deal about their humanity?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the author's intent by contrasting Mr. Haley's sole interest in thinking of slaves in terms of their physical strength and how he will be able to resell them and Tom's continued pondering on the Bible and a "pitying Jesus?"

2. The author, Harriet Beecher Stowe, feels it is important for her readers to know the substance of the Fugitive Slave Act. What does she do inform the reader of this law?

3. Why does the author write that "Sam was in wonderful spirits," when each of his possible sightings of Eliza turn out to not be her?

4. Why might the author so frequently speak directly to the reader and asks the reader questions as she does in the last four to five paragraphs at the end of this chapter?

5. What character speaks about laws and says, "we have nothing to do with them; all they are for is to crush us, and keep us down."

6. How does the reader learn that Quakers are anti-slavery?

7. What effect has studying the Christian religion had on Eliza?

8. Why is Uncle Tom's loyalty to his master such a subject of harsh criticism and ridicule?

9. How does this chapter about Tom's leaving further the theme of Christianity versus the law that has been developed so far?

10. How does the treatment of George by his master compare or contrast with how Eliza is treated by her owners.

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