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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the reader is returned to the story line of George and his family in Chapter 43, where in Canada are they living?
(a) Amherstburg.
(b) Montreal.
(c) Toronto.
(d) Quebec City.

2. As Chapter 30 begins, what is the treatment of slaves at a slave warehouse?
(a) They are questioned about their strength and given an endurance test.
(b) They are asked to give their last two owners' histories.
(c) They are asked to sit and they are given a number.
(d) They are well fed and well cleaned.

3. When Eliza travels to Canada, what other member of her party is in disguise?
(a) George.
(b) Ms. Smyth.
(c) Harry.
(d) Aunt Dorcas.

4. What is Mr. Shelby's opinion of Mrs. Shelby's knowledge of business?
(a) She knows nothing about business.
(b) She is learning more about the business of the plantation every day.
(c) She is a business genius.
(d) He thinks she should take a business course.

5. What happened in the weeks following the death at the St. Clare villa that most influenced Augustine and led to changes he made in the running of his household?
(a) Debating his wife about how the treat slaves.
(b) Discussing the Bible with Tom.
(c) Listening to Miss Ophelia's abolitionist views.
(d) Reading Eva's Bible.

6. Why does Topsy come to Eva's room daily?
(a) To learn to read.
(b) To play with Eva's toys.
(c) To bring flowers.
(d) To learn more about God.

7. When a character tries to convince Tom that he should kill Legree, what is the weapon that the person recommends?
(a) A shotgun.
(b) A pistol.
(c) A knife.
(d) An axe.

8. While Tom is a slave on the Legree plantation, who tries to convince Tom to kill Legree?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Emmeline.
(c) Sambo.
(d) Cassy.

9. While Tom spends time outdoors with Eva, where is it that Eva tells Uncle Tom she will be going to soon?
(a) Heaven.
(b) Kentucky.
(c) Lake Pontchartrain.
(d) Ohio.

10. When Eva is alone in her room, why does Eva cut her hair?
(a) To make doll hair for a doll for Topsy.
(b) To make herself look older.
(c) To give locks of hair to people to remember her by.
(d) To make washing her hair less difficult.

11. Who is Dodo?
(a) A pet bird.
(b) A pet dog.
(c) A slave whom Eva meets at the lake.
(d) A slave that belongs to a visiting child.

12. Whose funeral takes place in Chapter 29 entitled "The Unprotected?"
(a) Miss Ophelia's.
(b) Marie St. Clare's.
(c) Augustine St. Clare's.
(d) Topsy's.

13. According to Chapter 45, what famous lawyer defended 76 slaves who attempted escape on a schooner named Pearl?
(a) William Jennings Bryan.
(b) Abraham Lincoln.
(c) Horace Mann.
(d) Robert E. Lee.

14. Who tries to convince Tom that it would be advantageous to him to burn his Bible?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Simon Legree.
(c) Cassy.
(d) Emmeline.

15. Weeks after Eva's funeral, who gets comfort from singing from an old hymn book found in a drawer?
(a) Miss Ophelia.
(b) Topsy.
(c) Augustine St. Clare.
(d) Marie St. Clare.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 45, who does Stowe say will have "a heavy account to answer?"

2. Once Emmeline is at the Legree plantation, what does Emmeline try to convince another woman to do with her?

3. As Chapter 29 ends, where is Tom on his way to?

4. Who is Madame de Thoux?

5. What is done with Tom's clothes at the slave auction?

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