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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the death on the Shelby plantation, who travels from the Shelby plantation to the Legree plantation?
(a) Young Master George.
(b) Mr. Shelby.
(c) Mrs. Shelby.
(d) Aunt Chloe.

2. Weeks after Eva's funeral, who gets comfort from singing from an old hymn book found in a drawer?
(a) Augustine St. Clare.
(b) Topsy.
(c) Miss Ophelia.
(d) Marie St. Clare.

3. Who is Legree's former mistress?
(a) Missis.
(b) Adelia.
(c) Cassy.
(d) Lucy.

4. After they get the letter from Tom, what does Aunt Chloe ask Mrs. Shelby to write for her?
(a) A pass and a recommendation.
(b) A letter to Tom.
(c) Directions to New Orleans.
(d) Directions to the nearest city.

5. What is it that Aunt Chloe has saved to proudly show Tom when he returns?
(a) A quilt she made for him.
(b) Money that was left to her in Mr. Shelby's will.
(c) A record of the money she earned.
(d) A Bible Mrs. Shelby gave her.

6. While Tom spends time outdoors with Eva, where is it that Eva tells Uncle Tom she will be going to soon?
(a) Kentucky.
(b) Heaven.
(c) Lake Pontchartrain.
(d) Ohio.

7. Whose funeral takes place in Chapter 29 entitled "The Unprotected?"
(a) Miss Ophelia's.
(b) Augustine St. Clare's.
(c) Marie St. Clare's.
(d) Topsy's.

8. According to Chapter 45, which characters are drawn from real people aboard the schooner named Pearl?
(a) Aunt Chloe and Uncle Tom.
(b) Eliza and Harry.
(c) Eliza and George.
(d) Emmeline and Cassy.

9. At the conclusion of Chapter 41, whose suffering from being beaten does Quimbo and Sambo witness?
(a) Legree's.
(b) Tom's.
(c) Cassy's.
(d) Cassy's and Emmeline's.

10. In Canada, what is George's occupation?
(a) A farmer.
(b) A railroad worker.
(c) A furrier.
(d) A machinist.

11. Why does Topsy come to Eva's room daily?
(a) To learn more about God.
(b) To bring flowers.
(c) To learn to read.
(d) To play with Eva's toys.

12. In a heated discussion with Miss Ophelia, what does Mrs. St. Clare say she would have done to Topsy?
(a) Read the Bible to her.
(b) Whipped her.
(c) Sent her to her cabin without dinner.
(d) Slapped her face.

13. To whom does Eva give reading lessons?
(a) Alfred.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Mammy.
(d) Alfreda.

14. Who on the Shelby plantation offers first to earn extra money in Chapter 21?
(a) Young Master Tom Shelby.
(b) Uncle Tom.
(c) Mr. Shelby.
(d) Mrs. Shelby.

15. Who is Madame de Thoux?
(a) Eliza's mother.
(b) Eliza's sister.
(c) George's sister.
(d) George's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose funeral takes place at the villa on the lake at the end of Chapter 27?

2. As Chapter 30 begins, what is the treatment of slaves at a slave warehouse?

3. Who was in charge of the new slave in St. Clare household?

4. What are Miss Ophelia's plans for Topsy's future?

5. What kind of cook is Old Dinah described as?

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