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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which state is Chapter 1 set?
(a) Kentucky.
(b) Virginia.
(c) Georgia.
(d) West Virginia.

2. Who is Phineas Fletcher?
(a) A slave who wants to join Eliza and George on their journey north.
(b) A friend of the Hallidays and a fellow Quaker.
(c) A white man who supervises the slaves on the Halliday plantation.
(d) A slave catcher.

3. By the end of the action of the Chapter 17, what happens to Tom Lokar?
(a) He is wounded.
(b) He has met with Phineas, who gives him misleading information.
(c) He goes to the Halliday home and spies on Eliza and George.
(d) He goes to the Halliday home and served a good meal.

4. Which character is very protective towards Eliza?
(a) Harry.
(b) Mr. Haley.
(c) Mrs. Shelby
(d) Uncle Tom.

5. In the conversation in the tavern about how to best manage slaves, what is it that interrupts this discussion?
(a) The entrance of Mr. Von Trompe.
(b) The entrance of a United States marshal.
(c) The entrance of Mr. Haley accompanied by Uncle Tom.
(d) The entrance of a man who is said to look like a Spaniard.

6. How does Mrs. Selby react to the news that Eliza has escaped?
(a) She is secretly delighted.
(b) She is furious.
(c) She expected this would happen and gets a new personal slave for herself.
(d) She faints.

7. What does Mrs. Bird do to let Eliza and Harry rest?
(a) Led them in front of the fire where they fell asleep in chairs.
(b) Took them to a nearby inn so she would not be violating the Fugitive Slave Act.
(c) Let them fall asleep together on a temporary bed.
(d) Led them to seperate cozy rooms where they could sleep.

8. What did Aunt Chloe make for breakfast as "the property" prepares to leave the cabin?
(a) Chicken and corn cake.
(b) Grits.
(c) Eggs and bacon and ham and grits.
(d) Grits and bacon.

9. By what means of transportation does Mr. Haley travel with Tom?
(a) On horseback.
(b) By boat.
(c) By carriage.
(d) By train.

10. What is the first possible solution Mr. Shelby introduces as a possibility for paying Mr. Haley?
(a) Uncle Tom as payment.
(b) Uncle Tom's cabin rent as payment.
(c) Harry as payment.
(d) Eliza as payment.

11. In what state does Senator Bird live?
(a) Ohio.
(b) Kentucky.
(c) West Virginia.
(d) Georgia.

12. When Mr. Haley is with Mr. Shelby, how does Eliza find out about the upcoming sale of the slaves?
(a) She hides in the closet to hear Mr. and Mrs. Shelby talk.
(b) She hides in the closet to hear Shelby and Haley talk.
(c) She hides in the closet to hear Shelby and young Master George talk.
(d) She has read the journal on Mr. Shelby's desk when she cleaned.

13. Who is the character "Mas'r George" who is teaching Uncle Tom how to write?
(a) Mr. Shelby.
(b) Uncle Tom's eldest son.
(c) Mr. Shelby's son, George.
(d) Eliza's husband.

14. How does Uncle Tom receive the news of the slaves on Shelby plantation being sold?
(a) He says he feels badly, but he would never run away becase he would never want to disappoint his master.
(b) He encourages Eliza to get Mrs. Shelby to help her hide.
(c) He encourages Eliza to run away and offers to care for her son until she can send for him.
(d) Uncle Tom tells Eliza that she must be mistaken and that Mr. Shelby would never do such a thing.

15. What happens to Lucy by the end of the Chapter 12?
(a) She gets married.
(b) She drowns.
(c) She is set free.
(d) She escapes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Shelby feel about the people who are in charge of the search party?

2. What is one thing that happens in the Quaker household that is different from any households that the reader has seen in this novel so far?

3. In the tavern, what is it that one of the Kentuckians brings to the stranger to read?

4. What does Harry do when he first meets Mr. Shelby and Mr. Haley?

5. At the end of the Chapter 16, what aspect of work does Tom say he has experience with?

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