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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Albert?
(a) A friend of Haley's.
(b) A slave Haley bought.
(c) The auctioneer at the slave auction.
(d) A slave trader on the lookout for Eliza.

2. When does Mrs. Shelby first learn the details about Mr. Haley's visit to the plantation?
(a) She finds out from young Master George that evening.
(b) She finds out from Eliza that evening.
(c) She finds out when she walks in and hears them trying to whisper their plan.
(d) Mrs. Shelby doesn't find out about Mr. Haley and why he visits until she asks her husband about the meeting.

3. What does Harry do when he first meets Mr. Shelby and Mr. Haley?
(a) He sings and dances for them.
(b) He sings "America the Beautiful' for them.
(c) He shyly asks for a piece of candy.
(d) He recites a childish poem he has made up.

4. Who does Mr. Shelby think that Haley speaks of too casually and disrespectfully?
(a) Eliza and Harry.
(b) Uncle Tom.
(c) The President of the United States.
(d) Mrs. Shelby.

5. What is it that makes Eliza feel momentarily sad as she runs away?
(a) The Shelby home is the only one she has ever known and she is nostalgiac.
(b) She feels sad that Harry is crying that he wants to stay.
(c) She is sad to leave her work since it gave her satisfaction.
(d) She says she feels unloyal leaving Mrs. Shelby.

6. What is one thing that happens in the Quaker household that is different from any households that the reader has seen in this novel so far?
(a) Whites and blacks sing spirituals before they dine.
(b) Whites and blacks eat in the same room, but at separate tables.
(c) Blacks and whites eat meals at the same table.
(d) Whites act as servants to the whites.

7. When does the reader see evidence of the slaves belief in Christianity in Chapter 4?
(a) We see evidence of the slaves belief in Christianity when they have a prayer meeting in the cabin.
(b) We see evidence when they take turns reading the Bible aloud.
(c) We see evidence of the slaves belief in Christianity when Aunt Chloe gets on her knees and prays.
(d) We see their faith in Christianity when they say the rosary together.

8. Who are the two characters introduced in Chapter 1?
(a) Mr. Shelby and Mr. Haley.
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Haley.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Shelby.
(d) Uncle Tom and Harry.

9. Who is Eva?
(a) A little white girl Tom meets on the riverboat.
(b) A slave who belongs to the riverboat captain.
(c) A female slave roughly Tom's age whom he meets on the riverboat.
(d) A little black girl Tom meets on the riverboat.

10. What does Mr. Shelby offer Haley to content him when their business deal gets delayed?
(a) Dinner.
(b) A card game.
(c) A chess game.
(d) A game of croquet.

11. To what place does George plan to travel?
(a) Georgia.
(b) Kentucky.
(c) Virginia.
(d) Canada.

12. What happens to Lucy by the end of the Chapter 12?
(a) She escapes.
(b) She gets married.
(c) She is set free.
(d) She drowns.

13. Who is Augustine St. Clare?
(a) Little Eva's father.
(b) Little Eva's mother.
(c) The riverboat captain.
(d) A man who talks with Haley on the boat.

14. When Mr. Haley is with Mr. Shelby, how does Eliza find out about the upcoming sale of the slaves?
(a) She has read the journal on Mr. Shelby's desk when she cleaned.
(b) She hides in the closet to hear Shelby and young Master George talk.
(c) She hides in the closet to hear Shelby and Haley talk.
(d) She hides in the closet to hear Mr. and Mrs. Shelby talk.

15. When Mr. Haley leaves Mr. Shelby, what is the awful truth that Mrs. Shelby learns?
(a) Harry will be sold and gone tomorrow.
(b) Uncle Tom will be sold, but that he can stay until after harvest.
(c) Uncle Tom and Harry will be sold and gone tomorrow.
(d) Uncle Tom will be sold and gone tomorrow.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the end of the action of the Chapter 17, what happens to Tom Lokar?

2. Who does Mr. Haley get to help him find Eliza and Harry?

3. Who is Andy?

4. Which character speaks about slaves in such a way that it is clear that he treats his slaves kindly and has thought a great deal about their humanity?

5. Why is the man who helps Eliza when she reaches the other side of the river so willing to help her?

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