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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mr. Shelby think that Haley speaks of too casually and disrespectfully?
(a) Eliza and Harry.
(b) The President of the United States.
(c) Uncle Tom.
(d) Mrs. Shelby.

2. What happened in the weeks following the death at the St. Clare villa that most influenced Augustine and led to changes he made in the running of his household?
(a) Reading Eva's Bible.
(b) Listening to Miss Ophelia's abolitionist views.
(c) Debating his wife about how the treat slaves.
(d) Discussing the Bible with Tom.

3. What was the general opinion of Miss Ophelia in the St. Clare household?
(a) She is getting to be more and more useful every day.
(b) She is a wonderful addition.
(c) She is very helpful, but doesn't understand how to treat Eva.
(d) She is a nuisance.

4. Who is Lucy?
(a) Mrs. Haley.
(b) Another slave Haley buys.
(c) A child slave Tom meets on the journey.
(d) Mr. Haley's old and favorite slave.

5. What news is it that Rachel has for Eliza?
(a) Her husband is dead.
(b) Her husband made it to Canada.
(c) Her husband has escaped, but was captured by slave catchers and returned to Kentucky.
(d) Her husband has escaped and will join them tonight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Eliza?

2. Who is Harry?

3. When Phineas is in the town where the Hallidays live, what does he hear a conversation about?

4. Why are the ferry boats not running when Eliza is out crossing the river?

5. Where is the boat bound for that Tom boards with Mr. Haley?

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