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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the chapter titled "The Property is Carried Off" what is the "property" that is referred to here?
(a) A railroad car.
(b) Eliza.
(c) Uncle Tom.
(d) Harry.

2. Who does Mr. Shelby think that Haley speaks of too casually and disrespectfully?
(a) Eliza and Harry.
(b) The President of the United States.
(c) Uncle Tom.
(d) Mrs. Shelby.

3. Who is John Von Trompe?
(a) A lawyer whom Haley hired to retrieve Eliza and Harry.
(b) A lawyer who worked against all slave traders who came North.
(c) A person who works as part of the Underground Railroad.
(d) A lawyer who worked with all slave traders in the North.

4. Whose funeral takes place at the villa on the lake at the end of Chapter 27?
(a) Eva's.
(b) Mrs. St. Clare's.
(c) Topsy's.
(d) Uncle Tom's.

5. Which character is described as a "mulatto?"
(a) Eliza.
(b) George.
(c) Mr. Shelby's younger son.
(d) Harry.

Short Answer Questions

1. How effective of a money manager is Augustine St. Clare?

2. What words convey the atmosphere described in the homes of the Quakers who the reader meets in Chapter 13?

3. What is it that Mrs. Bird feels is ignored by the passing of the Fugitive Slave Act?

4. What is it that Topsy does that angers Miss Ophelia?

5. When Tom goes out to work in the fields at Legree's plantation, who does Tom help pick cotton in the fields?

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