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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25, 26 and 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the man who helps Eliza when she reaches the other side of the river so willing to help her?
(a) He recognizes her as an old friend.
(b) His conscience makes him help her.
(c) He does not realize that she is black.
(d) He thinks she is pretty.

2. Which character eavesdrops on Mr. Shelby and Mr. Haley's conversation?
(a) Mrs. Shelby.
(b) Uncle Tom.
(c) Eliza.
(d) Harry.

3. How effective of a money manager is Augustine St. Clare?
(a) He is an expert money manager who helps others with their finances.
(b) He is a fairly good money manager.
(c) He is a good manager, but people steal from him because he is so trusting.
(d) He is careless and extravagant with money.

4. When the Shelby's get Uncle Tom's letter, what does Mr. Shelby say that Tom should do to get on with his life?
(a) Work hard and pray for things to work out.
(b) Ask if he can visit the Shelbys.
(c) Ask his new employer to uy Aunt Chloe and their childen.
(d) Find another woman to marry.

5. What "happy days" does Eliza think of as she leaves the Shelby house?
(a) Days happily working in the kitchen.
(b) Days happily learning to read and write with the young master.
(c) Days with her husband.
(d) Days happily tending Mrs. Shelby.

Short Answer Questions

1. In a heated discussion with Miss Ophelia, what does Mrs. St. Clare say she would have done to Topsy?

2. Who assumes the role of a preacher when the slaves practice their religion?

3. When does the reader see evidence of the slaves belief in Christianity in Chapter 4?

4. When Mr. Haley becomes agitated during their discussion of slave treatment, what does Mr. Shelby try to calm him with?

5. What happens to Lucy by the end of the Chapter 12?

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