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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25, 26 and 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Uncle Tom receive the news of the slaves on Shelby plantation being sold?
(a) Uncle Tom tells Eliza that she must be mistaken and that Mr. Shelby would never do such a thing.
(b) He says he feels badly, but he would never run away becase he would never want to disappoint his master.
(c) He encourages Eliza to run away and offers to care for her son until she can send for him.
(d) He encourages Eliza to get Mrs. Shelby to help her hide.

2. When Aunt Chloe gets a letter from Tom, what issue does it raise in the Shelby household?
(a) Buying back Tom.
(b) Buying the New Orleans plantation.
(c) Visiting Tom in New Orleans.
(d) Having Tom visit his family on a regular basis.

3. At the beginning of Chapter 4, what does "a neat garden patch, where, every summer, strawberries, raspberries, and a variety of fruit and vegetables, flourished" describe?
(a) The exterior of Eliza's slave quarters.
(b) The exterior of George's house.
(c) The exterior of Uncle Tom's cabin.
(d) The exterior of the main house on the plantation.

4. The title of this Chapter 6 is "Discovery." Why is this an appropriate chapter title?
(a) Uncle Tom discovers that he does have the courage to run away.
(b) The Shelbys discover that they cannot live with the idea of selling their slaves and take back the offer.
(c) The Shelbys discover that Eliza and Harry have run away.
(d) Eliza discovers a spare horse and she and Harry take off on horseback.

5. What is it that Eliza finds useful while crossing the river?
(a) A kind riverboat captain.
(b) A wooden raft.
(c) Chunks of ice.
(d) A small canoe.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of the Chapter 16, what aspect of work does Tom say he has experience with?

2. In a heated discussion with Miss Ophelia, what does Mrs. St. Clare say she would have done to Topsy?

3. Where is one place where George works?

4. Who says, "I'm in the Lord's hands," as the action of Chapter 10 begins?

5. What does George accomplish that shows he has talent?

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