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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Eliza easily able to ask for help of a woman she meets without risking being suspected of being a runaway slave?
(a) The woman she meets is also black and is, therefore, sympathetic.
(b) She is light-skinned enough to "pass" for being white.
(c) The woman says she loves children so much she will do anything to help Eliza and her beautiful son Harry.
(d) The woman is Harriet Tubman, a famous abolitionist.

2. Why doesn't Eliza see her husband much?
(a) He travels a lot for his job.
(b) He is ill.
(c) He lives and works on a different plantation.
(d) He and Eliza have divorced.

3. To whom do Sam and Andy tell the story of Eliza's escape?
(a) Mr. And Mrs. Shelby.
(b) Mr. Shelby and Mrs. Haley.
(c) All the slaves back at the plantation.
(d) Two slave traders.

4. What is the main point of the Fugitive Slave Act?
(a) To make it legal for people in norther states to aid runaway slaves.
(b) To make it illegal for people in northern states to aid runaway slaves.
(c) To make it legal for slave traders to enter free states.
(d) To make it illegal for slave catchers to enter free states.

5. How does Mrs. Shelby view the news of "her" slaves being sold?
(a) She is angry and wants to take her favorite slaves and run away.
(b) She feels that it is God's curse on the people involved in slavery.
(c) She feels that she can change her husband's mind.
(d) She feels badly, but accepts the fact that these things happen on plantations.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mr. Haley get to help him find Eliza and Harry?

2. Who is George?

3. Who apparently knows nothing of Mr. Shelby's debt?

4. Who is "Black Sam?"

5. What are Mr. Shelby and Mr. Haley discussing in Chapter 1?

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