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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what city is the confectioner's shop (bakery that interests the Shelby plantation women)?
(a) Akron.
(b) Dayton.
(c) Kentucky City.
(d) Louisville.

2. Broadly speaking, what are Eliza's religious beliefs?
(a) Eliza is Christian.
(b) Eliza is a Muslim.
(c) Eliza is an atheist.
(d) Eliza subscribes to an ancient African religion passed on to her by her family.

3. Who is Phineas Fletcher?
(a) A slave catcher.
(b) A slave who wants to join Eliza and George on their journey north.
(c) A white man who supervises the slaves on the Halliday plantation.
(d) A friend of the Hallidays and a fellow Quaker.

4. At the lake, who is it that finally insists that Eva should see a doctor?
(a) Mr. St. Clare, her father.
(b) Mrs. St. Clare, her mother.
(c) Uncle Tom.
(d) Miss Ophelia.

5. When George, Eliza and Harry finally reach Canada, what is the name of the Canadian town where the boat they are on docks?
(a) Freetown.
(b) Montreal.
(c) Sandusky.
(d) Amherstberg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dinah?

2. Once Emmeline is at the Legree plantation, what does Emmeline try to convince another woman to do with her?

3. Who does the search party actually take orders from?

4. Which character is described as a "mulatto?"

5. Who is Andy?

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