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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 30, 31 and 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Phineas expresses understanding about this thing George possesses, how does Mr. Halliday react?
(a) Halliday lets Phineas lecture him.
(b) Halliday is ashamed of Phineas.
(c) Halliday says he can tell Phineas was not born a Quaker.
(d) Halliday is proud of Phineas.

2. When Phineas is in the town where the Hallidays live, what does he hear a conversation about?
(a) A slave named Tom is looking for Eliza to come to a plantation in New Orleans.
(b) A warrant issued for the Quakers who are hiding slaves.
(c) Slave catchers looking for Eliza and her family.
(d) A reward for catching the runaway slaves.

3. Which includes most of the descriptive details of Eliza at the doorstep of the Bird's house?
(a) Torn, frozen clothes, and bandaged head.
(b) Torn, frozen clothes, one shoe missing, bleeding.
(c) Torn, frozen clothes.
(d) Torn, frozen clothes, bleeding, arm broken and in a sling.

4. What does Eliza tell the Birds when she appears at their house?
(a) The story of her escape and exhaustion.
(b) A story about her evil owners.
(c) A story about her masters not giving her sick child health care.
(d) A story she made up about being beaten.

5. Who is Phineas Fletcher?
(a) A slave catcher.
(b) A white man who supervises the slaves on the Halliday plantation.
(c) A friend of the Hallidays and a fellow Quaker.
(d) A slave who wants to join Eliza and George on their journey north.

Short Answer Questions

1. When George and Eliza are reunited, what is Eliza trying to convince George of?

2. At the slave auction, what does Emmeline do when Legree examined her?

3. On the first night at the Legree plantation, what does Tom dream of when he falls asleep?

4. Who says that he/she "wouldn't give a flip" for politics?

5. What is it that Mrs. Bird feels is ignored by the passing of the Fugitive Slave Act?

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