Daily Lessons for Teaching Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1. This novel is historical fiction and is set in a time and place far removed from American society today.

The objective of this lesson is to establish knowledge about slavery and the antebellum South in order to put the story in historical context.


1. As a quick writing assignment, each student should write the words "Slavery and the Antebellum South" on a fresh page and then silently brainstorm what he/she knows about slavery in the South before the Civil War. Then the teacher will call time, and with the word slavery written on the board, the teacher will take student responses, cautioning them to cross out ideas that others have contributed even if they are worded differently. Exhaust the students' contributions and then make judgments about the list, crossing off or elaborating upon each entry. Have student's jot down their list of class knowledge...

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