Uncle Tom's Cabin Character Descriptions

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This character wears the most elegant hand-me-down clothes; he also thinks he is better that his peers.

Mr. Bird

See Senator John Bird

Senator John Bird

This character is pro-Fugitive Slave Law, but actually helps a runaway escape.

Mrs. Mary Bird

This character condemns the Fugitive Slave Law and declares that, if given the opportunity, she will disobey it.

Black Sam

See Sam

Misse Cassy

This character has power over her master, because she knows his weakness, namely superstition.

Aunt Chloe

This character gets a job at a bakery.


See Adolph


This character replaces a woman on the Legree plantation, but then works with the woman to plot an escape to freedom.


See Evangeline St. Clare

Miss Feely

See Ophelia St. Clare

Phineas Fletcher

A backwoodsman-turned-Quaker whose speech is rough, but whose deeds are kind.

George Mas'r

See George Shelby

George Master

See George...

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