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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Bonds say the police have put in jail?
(a) Black women
(b) Democrats
(c) The Communists
(d) Black muslims

2. What is the name of Sue's son?
(a) Geoff
(b) Johnny Boy
(c) Big Boy
(d) Dick

3. What does Sue remember the sheriff saying to get for her son?
(a) A bible
(b) A gog
(c) A sheet
(d) A gun

4. When does the salesman say he will come back?
(a) Next month
(b) The next morning
(c) Two weeks
(d) Next week

5. What does Sue say she now puts her faith in?
(a) Judaism
(b) Islam
(c) Communism
(d) Christianity

6. Which of his personal belongings did the salesman leave in the bedroom?
(a) Underwear
(b) Handkerchief
(c) Shirt
(d) Socks

7. Where do Taylor and his people march to?
(a) The town hall
(b) The hills
(c) The mountains
(d) The hospital

8. What does Taylor tell his wife to tell the mayor?
(a) He is ill
(b) He has no money
(c) He has left
(d) He wants to meet somewhere quieter

9. What does the salesman try to sell to Sarah?
(a) Kitchen pots
(b) A clock
(c) A watch
(d) A calendar

10. Who is at Sue's door?
(a) Sugs
(b) The sheriff
(c) Booker
(d) Reva

11. What does Sarah think she is lucky to have?
(a) A house away from the white folk
(b) Enough money to eat
(c) A house and a hardworking husband
(d) A baby

12. Who visits Taylor in this section?
(a) Deacon Smith
(b) Brother Davie
(c) Deacon Hotbath
(d) Brother Bonds

13. What has Silas gotten more of in this section?
(a) Land
(b) Clothes
(c) Cotton
(d) Workers

14. What is the name of the main character in this story?
(a) Daisy
(b) Billy
(c) Sue
(d) Jill

15. What does Johnny Boy have to do to live?
(a) Denounce God
(b) Confess to robbery
(c) Give names
(d) Confess to murder

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Reva confirm to Sue?

2. What does Johnny Boy say he does not believe in?

3. What does Sarah say she worries about?

4. Why does Sue not trust Booker?

5. Who does Smith suggest he will go to to stop the march?

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