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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reva confirm to Sue?
(a) Johnny Boy is dead
(b) The end is nigh
(c) Booker is an informer
(d) White people are evil

2. What does Silas find on the quilt?
(a) A note book
(b) A toy car
(c) A pencil
(d) A record

3. What is the name of the chief of police?
(a) Chief Rogets
(b) Chief Davies
(c) Chief Burden
(d) Chief Bruden

4. What is Sue doing when she hears a knock at the door?
(a) Reading
(b) Sleeping
(c) Knitting
(d) Cooking

5. What are the name of the two communists Taylor has to meet?
(a) Yeats and Dale
(b) Arding and Hobbs
(c) Jones and Jones
(d) Hadley and Green

6. Who does Johnny Boy go out to warn?
(a) His brother
(b) Reva
(c) His comrades
(d) The sheriff

7. What does Johnny Boy say he does not believe in?
(a) Communism
(b) Christianity
(c) Black and white
(d) People

8. What does Sue think weakened her?
(a) Having children
(b) Shouting at the sheriff
(c) Married life
(d) Taking to Booker

9. What does the sheriff threaten to do to Johnny?
(a) Kill him
(b) Cripple him
(c) Blind him
(d) Rape him

10. What does Johnny say he does believe in?
(a) Law and order
(b) Rich and poor
(c) Whites
(d) Friends

11. What two belief systems does Sue say she is stuck between?
(a) Christianity and Judaism
(b) Capitalism and socailism
(c) Communism and Christianity
(d) Communism and facism

12. Who visits Taylor in this section?
(a) Brother Davie
(b) Deacon Smith
(c) Brother Bonds
(d) Deacon Hotbath

13. Why does Taylor not enter the white church?
(a) He thinks they worship the devil
(b) He knows he will be killed
(c) He is not allowed in
(d) He does not trust the preacher

14. Who is at Sue's door?
(a) Reva
(b) Booker
(c) Sugs
(d) The sheriff

15. What is the name of Taylor's son?
(a) Jimmy
(b) John
(c) Richard
(d) Henry

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Sue's last words?

2. What party is Booker a member of?

3. When does the salesman say he will come back?

4. What does Ruth give the baby to play with?

5. Where has the sheriff caught Johnny Boy?

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