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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sarah say she worries about?
(a) The number of whites Johnny hires
(b) Johnny's health
(c) If dinner is good enough
(d) Reva's health

2. What is the name of Sarah's husband?
(a) Jim
(b) Tom
(c) Silas
(d) John

3. What does Sue remember the sheriff saying to get for her son?
(a) A gun
(b) A sheet
(c) A gog
(d) A bible

4. What does the sheriff brace Johnny's knee on?
(a) A log
(b) A fallen tree
(c) A box
(d) A plank

5. What does Deacon Smith blame Taylor for?
(a) The people's suffering
(b) The burning of the church
(c) The end of the world
(d) The spread of communism

6. What is the name of the chief of police?
(a) Chief Davies
(b) Chief Rogets
(c) Chief Bruden
(d) Chief Burden

7. Who does Taylor demand to talk to at the town hall?
(a) Chief of Police
(b) The sheriff
(c) The mayor
(d) Deacon Smith

8. What is the title of the song Sue sings in this chapter?
(a) Blackbirds
(b) Mother's Little Helper
(c) Morning has Broken
(d) Bright and Morning Star

9. Who does Sue see when she wakes up?
(a) The sheriff
(b) Booker
(c) Johnny Boy
(d) Reva

10. Who does Smith suggest he will go to to stop the march?
(a) Local government
(b) Whites
(c) Taylor's family
(d) The army

11. What does Silas start throwing out of his house?
(a) Toys
(b) Furniture
(c) Food
(d) Clothes

12. What do the sheriff's men throw over Sue?
(a) Hot oil
(b) Milk
(c) Tar
(d) Hot water

13. What is the name of Ruth's baby?
(a) Delia
(b) Ruth
(c) Janey
(d) Freda

14. What does Taylor tell his wife to tell the mayor?
(a) He has left
(b) He is ill
(c) He has no money
(d) He wants to meet somewhere quieter

15. What does Reva confirm to Sue?
(a) The end is nigh
(b) White people are evil
(c) Johnny Boy is dead
(d) Booker is an informer

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Sue's son?

2. What does Sue tell the Sheriff to do?

3. What does Chief Bruden greet Taylor as?

4. What does Sue give her son before he leaves?

5. What does Sarah think she is lucky to have?

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