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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Wright's co workers accuse him of?
(a) Looking at white women
(b) Stealing
(c) Being above his station
(d) Racism

2. Where is Mann shot?
(a) In the kitchen tent
(b) In a cave
(c) On the riverbank
(d) In his boat

3. What does the woman do when Big Boy asks for his clothes?
(a) Pulls out a gun
(b) Screams
(c) Cries
(d) Faints

4. What was Wright's yard filled with?
(a) Wood chips
(b) Gravel
(c) Sand
(d) Cinders

5. What does Wright have to do when he sees a white man in the elevator?
(a) Bow
(b) Offer a cigarette
(c) Kiss his hand
(d) Take off his hat

6. Who is the first member of the Heartfield family to recognize Mann?
(a) Granny Heartfield
(b) The boy
(c) Mrs Heartfield
(d) The girl

7. What kind of community does Wright live in in Mississippi?
(a) Hispanic community
(b) Irish community
(c) Mixed community
(d) Black community

8. What does Mann drink in the kitchen tent?
(a) Tea
(b) Coffee
(c) Yoghurt
(d) Orange

9. Who is the main character in this chapter?
(a) Big Boy
(b) Buck
(c) Lester
(d) Bobo

10. What does Mann consider killing the Heartfield family with?
(a) An ax
(b) A knife
(c) A harpoon
(d) A gun

11. What does the colonel promise to pay Mann back for?
(a) His boat
(b) His house
(c) His clothes
(d) His car

12. What rank is the man that gives Mann an ax?
(a) General
(b) Captain
(c) Private
(d) Colonel

13. What do the boys say Wright forgot to say?
(a) Sir
(b) Hello
(c) Mister
(d) Thank you

14. What does Mann want Bob to buy?
(a) A bike
(b) A doctor
(c) Fur jackets
(d) A boat

15. What does Mann ask Bob to sell?
(a) His cart
(b) His boat
(c) His donkey
(d) His gun?

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the black bell boy who was caught having sex with a white prostitute?

2. What does the mob paint Bobo with?

3. Why does the black maid forgive Wright for not arguing with the white man?

4. What does Heartfield demand from Mann?

5. Where does Brinkley have to ferry people away from?

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