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The Cinder Yard - Richard Wright and his friends would have play-wars here.

Broken Milk Bottle - Wright describes how, when young, he and his friends tried to have a cinder war with white children, one of whom threw this at him, seriously cutting his neck.

The Kilns - Big Boy hides here, and from this vantage point he sees Bobo tarred and burnt alive by the lynch mob.

Old Man Harvey's Swimming Hole - The chain of killing that forces Big Boy to leave town begins here.

Will's Truck - Elder Peters' son drives this to Chicago.

The White Rowboat - Mann must use this to get his sick and pregnant wife to the hospital.

The Hospital - Mann's wife dies here, and later he must help evacuate the building.

The Levee - Black males in the town, including Mann, are pressed into service at gunpoint...

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