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Short Answer Questions

1. As they prepare for the ball, what does Margarethe demand Iris fill the house with?

2. Who does Clara end up marrying?

3. How many grandchildren does Ruth end up having?

4. What does Clara yell at Nicolaes van Stolk as she departs her house en route to the ball?

5. When Margarethe refers to the imp in their family, to whom is she actually referring?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ruth have to say about beauty in the Epilogue?

2. While at the ball, what do Iris and the Master decide is more permanent than beauty?

3. As the Epilogue concludes, what kind of painting does Ruth say should be painted of Clara's children?

4. What exactly does Margarethe believe happens to her eyes after she has seen the Master's horrible paintings?

5. What reason does Ruth give for why she often appears inconsequential and stupid in the retelling of the story?

6. In the Epilogue, what does Ruth say about the paintings of Iris's that she admires?

7. As they are about to depart for the ball, how does Iris react when Clara promises not to take Caspar from her?

8. In the Epilogue, what does Ruth surmise happened to the greedy van Stolk?

9. What reasoning does Clara use in explaining to Iris why her beauty is actually a curse?

10. What skill does Clara and Iris count on Caspar using when he goes in search of a dress for Iris for the big ball?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the symbolism of the windmill within Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. Using quotations taken from the text, discuss at least three different aspects when the windmill appears, what its presence symbolizes, and how Maguire uses that symbolism to communicate indirectly to the reader.

Essay Topic 2

Margarethe could easily be described as a selfish character based on her actions throughout the story. A counter argument can also be made, however, that she is a selfless character who continually acts out of a concern to improve the situations of those around her, often at her own expense, suffering, and unhappiness. Present an argument that Margarethe is in fact a selfless character, using at least three specific examples of her selfless actions from the novel.

Essay Topic 3

While a seemingly small item at the beginning of the text, tulips become critically important by the end of the novel. Discuss what tulips symbolize in the text and how their symbolism changes as the story progresses.

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