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Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the Master's reputation after the ball?

2. What does Clara confess, by her father's bedside, about why she felt such a connection with Ruth?

3. When Margarethe refers to the imp in their family, to whom is she actually referring?

4. As the ball approaches and Margarethe is tight for money, why does she claim the Master owes her money?

5. What non-family member do Ruth, Iris, and Clara enlist in helping them get Clara to the ball?

Short Essay Questions

1. What key piece of information did Iris not understand about Margarethe's continued reference to the imp in their family?

2. Who is Caspar referring to when he initially tells Iris that she hopes she will not marry "the wrong man"?

3. What does the trail of blood that follows Clara after the ball indicate?

4. Why is Margarethe in such shock when Ruth speaks the word "Ashgirl" when referring to Clara?

5. In the Epilogue, what does Ruth surmise happened to the greedy van Stolk?

6. What reason does Ruth give for why she often appears inconsequential and stupid in the retelling of the story?

7. In the Epilogue, what reason does Ruth give for burning the painting?

8. As they are about to depart for the ball, how does Iris react when Clara promises not to take Caspar from her?

9. How does Margarethe react when Iris catches her seemingly trying to burn Young Woman with Tulips at the ball?

10. What does Iris worry will happen to Clara if they are forced to leave the beautiful van den Meer home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Complete a character analysis of the Queen of the Hairy-Chinned Gypsies. What kind of character is she? How does her character change throughout the novel (or does it)? What role does she play in the text? What is the reader supposed to think of her? Does the reader's opinion of her change as the story progresses? Is she a "good" character, a "bad" character, or both? What literary tools does Maguire use to develop her character?

Essay Topic 2

One of the central themes of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is the exploration of beauty. What is Maguire's definition and concept of beauty? What are society's definitions of beauty at the time the novel is taking place? Choose one character in the novel who is traditionally beautiful and discuss what makes him or her so; choose one character in the novel who is truly, but not traditionally, beautiful, and discuss what makes him or her so.

Essay Topic 3

Why does Ruth burn the Young Woman with Tulips painting? What are her reasons behind such a momentous decision? What are the effects of that decision? Do you agree or disagree with what she did?

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