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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of life does Ruth claim Iris led?

2. How do Ruth, Iris, and Margarethe get home from the ball?

3. Why does Clara decline at first to dance with the prince?

4. Who is the first person Iris and Ruth find at the ball?

5. What color dress does Clara wear to the ball?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reasoning does Clara use in explaining to Iris why her beauty is actually a curse?

2. In the Epilogue, what reason does Ruth give for burning the painting?

3. What does Ruth have to say about beauty in the Epilogue?

4. What exactly does Margarethe believe happens to her eyes after she has seen the Master's horrible paintings?

5. During their dance at the ball, what does Iris worry about with regard to Caspar?

6. What skill does Clara and Iris count on Caspar using when he goes in search of a dress for Iris for the big ball?

7. Why is Iris surprised to learn that many of the guests at the ball are still talking about her, even after the prince and Clara retire to the private room?

8. What does Iris worry will happen to Clara if they are forced to leave the beautiful van den Meer home?

9. How does the Master respond to Clara's vote of confidence at the ball, when she says that she is sure his painting will be picked by the queen?

10. What key piece of information did Iris not understand about Margarethe's continued reference to the imp in their family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several different characters in the novel operate under different moral codes. Margarethe, for example, becomes increasingly religious but Iris feels that she does not follow the moral code of her religion. In contrast, Iris does not follow a religion as closely as her mother does, but it could be argued that she lives a more moral life. Choose once character in the novel and examine that character's moral code, what the basis of that moral code is, and whether or not the choices the character makes indicate whether he or she is a moral person. Make sure to use specific examples from the story to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Why does Ruth burn the Young Woman with Tulips painting? What are her reasons behind such a momentous decision? What are the effects of that decision? Do you agree or disagree with what she did?

Essay Topic 3

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is the new point-of-view it provides on a classic fairy tale. Discuss 1) the role that point-of-view provides in a text, 2) what literary tools an author can use to manipulate a traditional point-of-view, and 3) what impact a new or unusual point-of-view can have on the reader. Make sure to cite specific examples and passages from Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister to support your thesis.

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