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Short Answer Questions

1. What piece of furniture does the queen complain about while at the ball?

2. Who does Iris and Ruth's hair for the ball?

3. How does Clara end up dying?

4. How did Marie de Medici lose her power?

5. How do Ruth and Iris get to the ball?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Caspar referring to when he initially tells Iris that she hopes she will not marry "the wrong man"?

2. What kind of perspective can Ruth offer about what happens to her family?

3. During their argument at the ball, how do Iris and the Master call a truce during their argument?

4. What reasoning does Clara use in explaining to Iris why her beauty is actually a curse?

5. While at the ball, what do Iris and the Master decide is more permanent than beauty?

6. As they are about to depart for the ball, how does Iris react when Clara promises not to take Caspar from her?

7. How does the Master respond to Clara's vote of confidence at the ball, when she says that she is sure his painting will be picked by the queen?

8. What reason does Ruth give for why she often appears inconsequential and stupid in the retelling of the story?

9. How does the reader know Cornelius is depressed after his business venture fails?

10. In the Epilogue, what reason does Ruth give for burning the painting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the central themes of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is the exploration of beauty. What is Maguire's definition and concept of beauty? What are society's definitions of beauty at the time the novel is taking place? Choose one character in the novel who is traditionally beautiful and discuss what makes him or her so; choose one character in the novel who is truly, but not traditionally, beautiful, and discuss what makes him or her so.

Essay Topic 2

Several characters in the novel are initially presented as characters without much of a voice who ultimately, by the conclusion of the story, find their voice and are better able to speak in a way that is true to themselves. Choose one character for whom this is true and explain 1) why their voice was silenced or limited in the beginning of the text, 2) who limited their voice, 3) what happened to change their ability to truly "speak," and 4) what that character's newly found voice represents and says about that person's true inner character.

Essay Topic 3

Conventional wisdom dictates that children often end up like one of their parents. Using either Margarethe and Iris OR Henrika and Clara, compare and contrast how each girl grows up to be like and unlike her mother. Make sure to list at least three similarities and three differences, using evidence from the text to support your claims.

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