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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Margarethe, Ruth, and Iris plan on getting dresses for the ball?
(a) They are sewing their own.
(b) They are making Clara sew all of their dresses and accessories.
(c) A tailor is making custom dresses for them.
(d) They are using Henrika's old dresses.

2. What family scene does Ruth think would have made a good painting?
(a) The sight of Clara's children playing.
(b) Clara's tattered dress.
(c) The burned palace the evening of the ball.
(d) Margarethe's blinded eyes.

3. Who insists on introducing Ruth and Iris to the prince?
(a) Clara.
(b) Schoonmaker.
(c) Dame Pruyn.
(d) Caspar.

4. Why does Clara decline at first to dance with the prince?
(a) She lies about having a turned ankle.
(b) She doesn't know how to dance.
(c) She wants to give Iris a chance first.
(d) She only has one shoe on.

5. Why does Margarethe feel that Philippe de Marisllac will be interested in Iris?
(a) Because she is dumb and ugly, so she won't be a threat to him.
(b) Because they share a love of painting.
(c) Because she has recently become very wealthy.
(d) Because she will be made beautiful for one night.

6. How is Marie de Medici described physically?
(a) As old and overweight -- obese, even.
(b) As very smart and cunning.
(c) As beautiful and unusually tall.
(d) As both beautiful and exceptionally intelligent.

7. As they prepare for the ball, what does Margarethe demand Iris fill the house with?
(a) Tulips in vases.
(b) Beautiful dresses for them to try to choose from.
(c) The finest perfumes available in town.
(d) The smell of incense.

8. What do people spy Philippe doing to Clara when they are in a private room?
(a) Asking for her hand in marriage.
(b) Kissing her neck.
(c) Playing with her hair.
(d) Caressing her ankle with her shoe off.

9. What ends up happening to the tulip trade in the novel?
(a) It never recovers.
(b) It skyrockets again, giving Ruth a lot of money.
(c) It is regulated and becomes more reliable.
(d) It becomes a national embarrassment.

10. Who took over the Master's studio when he passed away?
(a) Iris.
(b) Caspar.
(c) The Queen of the Hairy-Chinned Gypsies.
(d) Clara.

11. What drink does a servant bring to Clara and Philippe when they are in a private room?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Wine.
(c) Champagne.
(d) Water.

12. How did Marie de Medici lose her power?
(a) Her own son overthrew her.
(b) She resigned it.
(c) She never had much power to begin with.
(d) She lost it when her husband died.

13. Who is the ball's guest of honor?
(a) The Master.
(b) The mayor of Haarlem.
(c) Philippe de Marsillac.
(d) Van den Meer.

14. What color dress does Iris wear to the ball?
(a) Red.
(b) Black.
(c) Gold.
(d) Lavender.

15. What do Iris and Clara use as collateral in order to get Clara a gown?
(a) The last of their family fortune.
(b) Money Ruth has been secretly hiding away.
(c) Henrika's jewels.
(d) Margarethe's fancy new shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 4, what ailment does Margarethe claim to have gotten while visiting the Master and seeing his horrible paintings?

2. What advice does the narrator wish had been given to Clara?

3. In the Epilogue, what reason does Ruth admit for acting dumb?

4. How do Ruth and Iris get to the ball?

5. How many grandchildren does Ruth end up having?

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