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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clara suspect Ruth of doing to Margarethe's linen?
(a) Putting red pepper on it to make her eyes worse.
(b) Selling it for something cheaper and pocketing the money.
(c) Washing it more than necessary to make sure it's especially clean.
(d) Not washing it at all but claiming she did.

2. When Margarethe refers to the imp in their family, to whom is she actually referring?
(a) Clara.
(b) Iris.
(c) Ruth.
(d) An imp that only comes out at night.

3. As they prepare for the ball, what does Margarethe demand Iris fill the house with?
(a) The smell of incense.
(b) Beautiful dresses for them to try to choose from.
(c) The finest perfumes available in town.
(d) Tulips in vases.

4. How does Clara get home from the ball?
(a) Schoonmaker walks her home.
(b) With Caspar, on his large white horse.
(c) With the help of the Queen of the Hairy-Chinned Gypsies.
(d) The prince sends her home in his private carriage.

5. What key item did Iris leave behind at the ball?
(a) The key she always wears around her neck.
(b) Her purse.
(c) None of these answers is correct.
(d) Her shoe.

6. What kind of head piece will Clara wear to the ball to disguise herself?
(a) She is not going to disguise herself at all at the ball.
(b) A hooded cloak.
(c) A Spanish veil.
(d) A mask.

7. What does Clara say she'd rather do than marry van Stolk?
(a) Kill herself.
(b) Run away to another town.
(c) Remain a housemaid.
(d) Become a nun.

8. Who ends up taking care of Ruth in her old age?
(a) Schoonmaker.
(b) Caspar.
(c) Clara.
(d) Iris.

9. Who warns Clara when van Stolk enters the ball?
(a) Margarethe.
(b) Ruth.
(c) Iris.
(d) Schoonmaker.

10. Which item is van Stolk most interested in in the van den Meers' household?
(a) Van den Meer's amazing library of unique books.
(b) Margarethe.
(c) The Young Woman with Tulips painting.
(d) The nice pots and pans in the kitchen.

11. How do Margarethe, Ruth, and Iris plan on getting dresses for the ball?
(a) They are using Henrika's old dresses.
(b) They are sewing their own.
(c) They are making Clara sew all of their dresses and accessories.
(d) A tailor is making custom dresses for them.

12. Who is the ball's guest of honor?
(a) The mayor of Haarlem.
(b) The Master.
(c) Philippe de Marsillac.
(d) Van den Meer.

13. How do Ruth, Iris, and Margarethe get home from the ball?
(a) They have to walk.
(b) They all pile onto one little horse.
(c) They steal someone else's carriage.
(d) By carriage.

14. Who does Ruth suspect of kidnapping Clara as a child?
(a) Van Stolk.
(b) Schoonmaker.
(c) Caspar.
(d) Her own father.

15. What does Margarethe do to continually manipulate van Stolk and van Antum?
(a) She flirts with them herself, since she knows they have crushes on her.
(b) She preys on their kindness by always asking for mercy -- and money.
(c) She pretends she is wealthier than she is.
(d) She taunts them with glances and promises of Clara.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Iris and Ruth's hair for the ball?

2. What profession did Iris end up going into?

3. After she moves away, how often does Clara ask about Margarethe?

4. How did Marie de Medici lose her power?

5. What family scene does Ruth think would have made a good painting?

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