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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the ball approaches and Clara becomes increasingly reclusive, what does Iris accuse her of becoming like?
(a) A nun.
(b) A domesticated animal.
(c) A house servant.
(d) A priest.

2. What profession did Iris end up going into?
(a) Painting.
(b) Baking.
(c) Nursing.
(d) Teaching.

3. What changes about Clara's dress after the ball?
(a) It somehow glows even more.
(b) It suddenly becomes too big.
(c) It is in complete tatters.
(d) It suddenly becomes too small, almost choking her.

4. What kind of life does Ruth claim Iris led?
(a) A rich life.
(b) A sad life.
(c) A short life.
(d) A regretful life.

5. Who is van Stolk?
(a) A man who paid off van den Meer's debts.
(b) A kindly neighbor who often stops over for dinner.
(c) Another apprentice of the Master's.
(d) A man both Clara and Iris have big crushes on.

6. How much of the van den Meers' household has been lost because of their debt?
(a) Half of their furniture and all of Henrika's possessions.
(b) Nearly everything they own except for one bed everyone shares.
(c) Only one bedroom of furniture and one closet of clothes.
(d) Nothing. Margarethe refuses to allow anyone to take anything.

7. What ended up happening to Cornelius's finances?
(a) They were completely dependent on Margarethe's management.
(b) They continued to get worse and worse.
(c) They eventually recovered.
(d) They never improved.

8. What confession of Margarethe's did Ruth overhear one night?
(a) That she never loved her children.
(b) The she had hidden money she never let anyone use.
(c) That Clara was, in fact, her real daughter.
(d) That she murdered Henrika.

9. What happens to Margarethe after the ball?
(a) She kills herself.
(b) She goes insane.
(c) She is still alive but blind.
(d) She runs away, so no one is really sure.

10. What event causes the ball to end abruptly?
(a) A raging fire.
(b) The party runs out of food.
(c) The queen falls asleep.
(d) The prince declares he has proposed to someone.

11. Who is the narrator of the Epilogue?
(a) Ruth.
(b) Caspar.
(c) Clara.
(d) Iris.

12. What key item did Clara leave behind at the ball?
(a) Her shoe.
(b) None of these answers is correct.
(c) The key she always wears around her neck.
(d) Her purse.

13. Who does Iris end up marrying?
(a) Caspar.
(b) Schoonmaker.
(c) No one.
(d) The prince.

14. What does Iris wonder about the night her family fled without their father?
(a) If he was warned in advance.
(b) If he was really dead before they left.
(c) If he organized the mob.
(d) If he staged the event to try to murder Margarethe.

15. Who is the ball's guest of honor?
(a) Philippe de Marsillac.
(b) The mayor of Haarlem.
(c) Van den Meer.
(d) The Master.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who took over the Master's studio when he passed away?

2. When Margarethe refers to the imp in their family, to whom is she actually referring?

3. What does Philippe end up dying from?

4. After she moves away, how often does Clara ask about Margarethe?

5. How much of the van den Meers' fortune was lost in Clara's kidnapping as a young child?

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