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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Master call Mr. van den Meer that crosses a line of acceptability?
(a) A fraud.
(b) An adulterer.
(c) A hen-pecked husband.
(d) A money-hungry lump.

2. How does Iris propose getting Clara out of the house?
(a) By sneaking out at night when no one is awake.
(b) By sneaking her out in a wheelbarrow.
(c) By hiding her underneath Ruth's biggest dress.
(d) By just having her walk out the front door.

3. What catches Iris's eye about Schoonmaker's lodgings?
(a) The vivid colors she sees through the window.
(b) The beautiful windows in the church.
(c) How poor his family seems to be.
(d) The lovely flowers on his front lawn.

4. What illness is spreading around Haarlem?
(a) Some kind of unknown cancer.
(b) The plague.
(c) The flu.
(d) Some kind of contagious mental illness that makes people go insane.

5. What does the town say is the cause of Henrika's health issues?
(a) That she is too wealthy so she is being punished for not sharing her wealth.
(b) That Margarethe is secretly poisoning her.
(c) That something demonic resides in the house at night.
(d) That she is cruel so God is treating her cruelly.

6. When Henrika is sick, what does Caspar give Ruth and Iris every morning when they come to visit him and the Master?
(a) Scones.
(b) Hot chocolate.
(c) Fresh fruit and juice.
(d) Warm tea.

7. What are Iris and Margarethe a little afraid Schoonmaker will ask Iris to do when they first start working together?
(a) To do very hard, physical labor even though she is very young.
(b) To pose naked while he paints her.
(c) To beg for money in the streets.
(d) To spend all day in a very hot kitchen.

8. What argument does Margarethe use to convince van den Meer that he should marry her?
(a) That she loves him very much.
(b) That she will otherwise not stay to just cook and clean for free.
(c) That she has a family inheritance of her own.
(d) That it would be best for Clara and her reputation.

9. Who is Caspar?
(a) A boy who works at a church.
(b) The Fishers' boss when Schoonmaker is gone.
(c) Schoonmaker's apprentice.
(d) The man who delivers groceries every day.

10. What does Iris think of Caspar's paintings of Ruth?
(a) That the colors are very, very ugly.
(b) That they are accurate but flattering.
(c) That they don't portray Ruth truthfully.
(d) That they are horribly ugly.

11. Who is Rebekka?
(a) A girl who has a condition similar to Ruth's.
(b) A cook hired to help in the van den Meer household.
(c) A young girl Iris befriended in the neighborhood.
(d) Margarethe's long-lost sister.

12. What items does Margarethe give Iris to give the Van den Meers when she is sent over to their household for the first time?
(a) A toy windmill.
(b) A letter.
(c) A pastry.
(d) A fancy silk handkerchief.

13. What happens to the van den Meers' wealth at the end of Chapter 3?
(a) It increases drastically right after Margarethe marries into the family.
(b) It is lost when the tulip market crashes.
(c) It doesn't do much, since Margarethe is too cheap to buy anything nice.
(d) It ends up being stolen by the very guards hired to protect it.

14. What has allegedly happened to Jack Fisher?
(a) He left the family in poverty.
(b) He will be joining the Fisher family later.
(c) No one really knows.
(d) He has been killed by a mob.

15. Who is Luykas?
(a) Iris's father.
(b) Schoonmaker's long-lost son.
(c) Mr. van den Meer; it's his Christian name.
(d) Ruth's father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Clara upset about what Sinter Klaas left in her shoe?

2. What has happened to Pieter ten Broek?

3. Who is Schoonmaker?

4. Right before the unveiling of the painting the Master created for van den Meer, what does Margarethe call Clara that sends Clara into a screaming rage?

5. What happens during Iris and Clara's attempts to get Clara out of the house?

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