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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Right before the unveiling of the painting the Master created for van den Meer, what does Margarethe call Clara that sends Clara into a screaming rage?
(a) Adopted.
(b) A doll.
(c) A spoiled brat.
(d) A changeling.

2. When Clara is young and throwing fits, which character is the only person who is able to pull her out of her fitful state?
(a) Iris.
(b) Ruth.
(c) Henrika.
(d) Margarethe.

3. How does the Master respond to the success of his painting of Clara?
(a) He becomes incredibly wealthy.
(b) He becomes depressed.
(c) He starts being mean to everyone around him.
(d) He is very proud and excited.

4. How are Ruth and Iris related?
(a) Ruth is Iris's older sister.
(b) Ruth is Iris's mom.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) Iris is Ruth's older sister.

5. What happens to Rebekka?
(a) She drops dead from the plague while in the van den Meer kitchen.
(b) She ends up having an affair with Mr. van den Meer.
(c) She is fired for teaching Iris how to read and write.
(d) She steals money from the van den Meers.

6. Henrika and Margarethe usually get along:
(a) They never see each other.
(b) Perfectly -- they quickly become best friends.
(c) Not very well at all.
(d) Sometimes really well and sometimes not very well at all.

7. After the Fishers flee their homeland, who are they expecting will house and feed them?
(a) Nuns in a local church.
(b) Margarethe's brother.
(c) The girls' long-lost father.
(d) Margarethe's grandfather.

8. When the Fishers first arrive in the marketplace, how are they treated?
(a) Rudely.
(b) Coldly.
(c) Suspiciously.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

9. Who eventually prevails in teaching Clara how to hem her own skirt?
(a) Ruth.
(b) Margarethe.
(c) The Queen of the Hairy-Chinned Gypsies.
(d) Iris.

10. What does Iris find most frustrating about her apprenticeship on the first day?
(a) That she has no interest in a religious life after all.
(b) That she is far more advanced than the town baker.
(c) That she is worse with a needle and thread than she originally thought.
(d) That she cannot immediately draw well.

11. What does the town say is the cause of Henrika's health issues?
(a) That she is cruel so God is treating her cruelly.
(b) That Margarethe is secretly poisoning her.
(c) That she is too wealthy so she is being punished for not sharing her wealth.
(d) That something demonic resides in the house at night.

12. After the successful unveiling of the painting of Clara, what does Margarethe ask Mr. van den Meer for?
(a) For the chance for Iris to go to school.
(b) A stipend.
(c) Better living arrangements.
(d) To be released from her job.

13. What argument does Margarethe use to convince van den Meer that he should marry her?
(a) That it would be best for Clara and her reputation.
(b) That she has a family inheritance of her own.
(c) That she loves him very much.
(d) That she will otherwise not stay to just cook and clean for free.

14. Who is Caspar?
(a) The Fishers' boss when Schoonmaker is gone.
(b) The man who delivers groceries every day.
(c) A boy who works at a church.
(d) Schoonmaker's apprentice.

15. What secret does Margarethe know about Henrika?
(a) That Henrika is pregnant.
(b) That Clara isn't actually Mr. Van den Meer's son.
(c) That Henrika is having an affair.
(d) That Henrika is hiding money.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Ruth initially described in the novel?

2. What illness is spreading around Haarlem?

3. What happens during Iris and Clara's attempts to get Clara out of the house?

4. How does Iris propose getting Clara out of the house?

5. What does Iris think of Caspar's paintings of Ruth?

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