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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Iris initially described in the novel?
(a) As conscientious and unattractive.
(b) As mentally impaired and hard to control.
(c) As shy and unable/unwilling to speak.
(d) As beautiful and loving.

2. Does Iris ever find an imp in the van den Meers' household?
(a) She finds evidence of it but not the actual imp itself.
(b) She sees it running down the street one night but is unable to catch it.
(c) No.
(d) Yes.

3. What kind of visitors come to the van den Meers' house after Henrika's funeral?
(a) Potential suitors for Clara.
(b) Random people who want to see Clara's portrait.
(c) Tulip investors.
(d) Beggars who know Mr. Van den Meer has inherited a lot of money.

4. What ultimately leads Clara to leave the house on a regular basis with Iris and Ruth?
(a) Being left out of Ruth and Iris's fun adventures.
(b) Having to spend all day with Margarethe.
(c) All of these answers are correct.
(d) Having to spend all day cleaning.

5. Who is going to throw a ball?
(a) The mayor of Haarlem.
(b) Margarethe.
(c) Marie de Medici.
(d) The mayor's wife.

6. Who is Schoonmaker?
(a) A priest.
(b) A painter in the village.
(c) A long-lost relative of Margarethe's.
(d) A city boy who helps them find the road.

7. After his wife dies, what investment does van den Meer worry has been lost?
(a) His collection of fine paintings.
(b) A boat full of tulips that investors have given him money for.
(c) His collection of rare books.
(d) His collection of jewelry.

8. After the Master's painting is met with great success, what does he ask Margarethe?
(a) To adopt Iris.
(b) If she will move back in with him.
(c) If she will teach him how to paint like they do in England.
(d) To adopt Ruth.

9. What is the financial situation of the van den Meers when the Fishers move in with them?
(a) The van den Meers are neither rich nor poor.
(b) The van den Meers are very wealthy.
(c) The van den Meers are poor now, but expect to get more money.
(d) The van den Meers are on the brink of poverty.

10. What does Caspar promise Iris one morning while she is visiting him and the Master during her work for the van den Meers?
(a) That she will become more beautiful as she gets older, so she should stop worrying all the time.
(b) That he will marry Iris as soon as possible.
(c) That he will always take care of her and Ruth.
(d) That Iris will be his apprentice one day.

11. After Henrika's death, what is her portrait replaced with in the van den Meers' household?
(a) Henrika's portrait is never replaced.
(b) A portrait of Margarethe.
(c) The portrait of Clara.
(d) A portrait of tulips.

12. When the town's river freezes over, how do Clara and Iris share their one pair of skates?
(a) Each girl takes one skate apiece.
(b) Clara lets Iris use them both as a special treat.
(c) They take turns using the skates.
(d) They decide not to use them at all.

13. What piece of information does Clara have about the windmill that makes Iris believe her story?
(a) She knows about a secret trapdoor.
(b) She has a key for the front door on a necklace.
(c) She knows a secret way inside.
(d) Her initials appear to have been carved into the side of the building long ago.

14. Why do Clara and Iris decide to stop into the windmill while out ice skating?
(a) They are very thirsty and are looking for water.
(b) They are just tired and want to take a break.
(c) Iris needs to use a bathroom.
(d) Clara needs to use a bathroom.

15. When they are young, what does Clara tell Iris is the only thing that makes her happy?
(a) Spending time in her private garden.
(b) Learning English from Iris.
(c) Listening to her father play the piano.
(d) Being alone in her room.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Henrika is sick, what does Caspar give Ruth and Iris every morning when they come to visit him and the Master?

2. What famous fairy tale does Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister depend on the reader being familiar with?

3. How does van den Meer plan on revealing the painting he commissioned?

4. What worries Iris about the Master's "I am going to ruin you yet" comment while he is working on his painting of Clara?

5. What happens to Rebekka?

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