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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 The Ball.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Margarethe tell Iris that she is better off being ugly?
(a) Because beauty does not help anyone in the world.
(b) Because she won't ever have to worry about getting married.
(c) Because her husband won't have to worry about her getting ugly since she already is.
(d) Because she won't have to worry about people only liking her for her looks.

2. How does Margarethe suggest Iris take care of the whole family?
(a) By marrying Caspar.
(b) By getting a good job as a cook.
(c) By marrying the prince.
(d) By killing herself.

3. What argument does Margarethe use to convince van den Meer that he should marry her?
(a) That she has a family inheritance of her own.
(b) That she loves him very much.
(c) That it would be best for Clara and her reputation.
(d) That she will otherwise not stay to just cook and clean for free.

4. Who is van Antum?
(a) A fellow investor of van den Meer's.
(b) A tailor.
(c) A priest.
(d) A creditor of van den Meer's who wants his money as soon as possible.

5. When Henrika is sick, what does Caspar give Ruth and Iris every morning when they come to visit him and the Master?
(a) Hot chocolate.
(b) Warm tea.
(c) Scones.
(d) Fresh fruit and juice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who insists on introducing Ruth and Iris to the prince?

2. After his wife dies, what investment does van den Meer worry has been lost?

3. How is Ruth initially described in the novel?

4. What does Margarethe do to continually manipulate van Stolk and van Antum?

5. As the ball approaches and Margarethe is tight for money, why does she claim the Master owes her money?

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