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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3 The Girl of Ashes.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ultimately leads Clara to leave the house on a regular basis with Iris and Ruth?
(a) Having to spend all day with Margarethe.
(b) Being left out of Ruth and Iris's fun adventures.
(c) Having to spend all day cleaning.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

2. What good news does van den Meer receive from an investment partner about his investment?
(a) That most of his rare books somehow survived a fire.
(b) That his paintings are still safe in the museum.
(c) That the ship has only been delayed, not lost.
(d) That the jewels have been found.

3. What piece of information does Clara have about the windmill that makes Iris believe her story?
(a) She knows a secret way inside.
(b) She knows about a secret trapdoor.
(c) She has a key for the front door on a necklace.
(d) Her initials appear to have been carved into the side of the building long ago.

4. When the town's river freezes over, how do Clara and Iris share their one pair of skates?
(a) They decide not to use them at all.
(b) Each girl takes one skate apiece.
(c) Clara lets Iris use them both as a special treat.
(d) They take turns using the skates.

5. Who is a member of the Fisher family?
(a) All of these answers are correct.
(b) Iris.
(c) Margarethe.
(d) Ruth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Iris and Margarethe a little afraid Schoonmaker will ask Iris to do when they first start working together?

2. What argument does Margarethe use to convince van den Meer that he should marry her?

3. Who is Pieter ten Broek?

4. After the successful unveiling of the painting of Clara, what does Margarethe ask Mr. van den Meer for?

5. What secret does Margarethe know about Henrika?

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