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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 The Ball.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Caspar?
(a) The man who delivers groceries every day.
(b) The Fishers' boss when Schoonmaker is gone.
(c) A boy who works at a church.
(d) Schoonmaker's apprentice.

2. As the ball approaches and Margarethe is tight for money, why does she claim the Master owes her money?
(a) Because he never paid her enough when she was working for him.
(b) Because he has lots of money now and she has very little.
(c) Because she knows he has been secretly stealing from the Van den Meers.
(d) Because she and Iris helped him land the Young Girl with Tulips painting.

3. What other major event happens the evening Rebekka dies?
(a) Van den Meer's boat of tulips arrives.
(b) Ruth says her first word.
(c) Margarethe realizes she is pregnant.
(d) Margarethe confesses to poisoning Henrika.

4. According to the Master, what is the reason behind Margarethe's lie about his relationship with Caspar?
(a) She was blackmailing him for money for food.
(b) She always was in love with the Master.
(c) Margarethe wanted Iris to marry someone better.
(d) She always was in love with Caspar.

5. What do Caspar and Iris both believe lives in the highest part of the van den Meers' house?
(a) A hooded man.
(b) Strange animals.
(c) An imp.
(d) A sick relative.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Clarissa Santiago of Aragon at the ball?

2. What does Schoonmaker prefer the Fishers call him?

3. When the town's river freezes over, how do Clara and Iris share their one pair of skates?

4. What health problems does Henrika begin to develop in Chapter 2?

5. What key item did Iris leave behind at the ball?

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