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William J. Lederer
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Short Answer Questions

1. In 1958, what percentage of the Foreign Service officer corps could speak a language other than English?

2. What organization does U Maung Swe speak of that provided aid in an acceptable manner?

3. What is the State Department's reply to MacWhite's policy suggestions?

4. Who interferes with Hillandale and causes this progress to be lost?

5. The authors say America should stop selling guns and money and sell what instead?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What countries in today's world does America have difficulty understanding? List at least three. What could be done by the American government or individuals to overcome these barriers and reach a peaceful level of communication?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Father Finian in detail, beginning with his physical appearance, and then his ideals, goals, methods and thought processes. Was he an effective tool against communism in Burma? Why?

Essay Topic 3

The ideology of communism is identified in this book as America's worst enemy. Why? How does communism differ from democracy? What rights and freedoms are denied communist countries, and why is this important? What do the authors believe is the best way to combat communism and keep it from spreading?

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