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William J. Lederer
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Boning?

2. What does Knox say to the headman of the village when he is asked why he left America to come to Cambodia?

3. What was the reaction of Wolcheck and Monet's superiors to the details of the battle?

4. What type of home does he choose in Sarkhan?

5. Who does U Maung Swe suggest America send to foreign lands instead of clueless executives?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why do the American newspapers cited in the book so neglectful about reporting news from countries other than our own? What would be the advantage of American citizens learning about other cultures? What would this knowledge do to assist someone living in your town?

Essay Topic 2

The title of the book is "The Ugly American," and in every chapter, there is someone who fits this description, when defining "ugly" in more than the traditional sense. Review each chapter and define how the main character was "ugly." In Chapter 1, it is Louis Sears, calling the natives strange little monkeys. In Chapter 13, it is the State Department. Prepare a list with the name of the "ugly" person or entity and explain by what definition they are ugly.

Essay Topic 3

This book was written before President Kennedy created the Peace Corps. How does the story of the Martins, Bob Maile and the Atkins compare to the purposes of the Peace Corps?

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