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William J. Lederer
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who interferes with Hillandale and causes this progress to be lost?

2. What idea does Emma give him regarding the pump?

3. Senator Brown wanted to talk to real soldiers and natives. Who did he talk to?

4. What Senate Committee does he chair?

5. How successful is Emma's introduction of the long handled broom?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Solomon Asch is a thorough, experienced negotiator, but he fails to follow up with his people after his initial assessment. What could he have done to: 1) insure Boning was not led astray, 2) soothe Anderson's feelings and keep him on his side, and 3) bring the conference to a more successful conclusion?

Essay Topic 2

What were MacWhite's acknowledged mistakes in Sarkhan? List them, and describe how he could have prevented them.

Essay Topic 3

What countries in today's world does America have difficulty understanding? List at least three. What could be done by the American government or individuals to overcome these barriers and reach a peaceful level of communication?

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