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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who interferes with Hillandale and causes this progress to be lost?
(a) Donald
(b) Joe Bing
(c) Roger
(d) George Swift

2. What project does MacWhite give Atkins to work on?
(a) Create a way for Sarkhanese people to get water from the hills
(b) Discover who Donald and Roger are reporting to in the communist party
(c) Finding an assignment for John Colvin
(d) Building dams and roads in Sarkhan

3. When the first sales person returns with orders for the pump, how many does he have?
(a) Zero
(b) 9
(c) 100
(d) 8

4. What was Asch's first clue that something was distracting Boning?
(a) Boning was dozing during the conference and answering the questions slowly
(b) Boning was taking his shoes off during the conference
(c) Boning was drinking too much coffee at the conference
(d) Boning was missing from the conference

5. What is Knox told when he proposes to bring in more roosters and chickens to Cambodia?
(a) The money could be better spent on cattle
(b) We are turning your proposals over to a committee
(c) This is a great idea and you have our full support
(d) The money could be better spent on military plans

6. Who is Homer Atkins?
(a) An American construction engineer brought to VietNam to decide where dams and roads should be built
(b) Gilbert MacWhite's accountant
(c) Marie MacIntosh's father
(d) Joe Bing's brother in law

7. When MacWhite writes his letter to the Secretary of State, how many Americans does he say have been through the embassy and how many were valuable in the struggle against communism?
(a) Over 300 peope, none valuable
(b) Over 500 people, all valuable
(c) Over 10 people, none valuable
(d) Over 300 people, only five valuable

8. What type of home does he choose in Sarkhan?
(a) Sturdy double-wide trailer
(b) Small cottage with pressed earth floors
(c) Quonset hut from the USA
(d) Large mansion on the river

9. Who is Boning?
(a) A Sarkhanese mechanic
(b) John Colvin's partner
(c) An agricultural representative for the United States to Vietnam
(d) American Navy Captain assigned to the delegation

10. What disturbs Knox about the Conference he is attending?
(a) There is insufficient American food available
(b) There are no other Americans at the conference
(c) He cannot speak Cambodian
(d) The proposals for further aid are for ambitious military plans

11. Why is he called ugly?
(a) His appearance is not attractive
(b) It is his nickname from childhood
(c) His feet are unusually large
(d) His language is always peppered with obscenities

12. What event does Hillandale get invited to soon after arriving in Sarkhan?
(a) A going away party for Louis Sears
(b) A reception honoing Donald and Roger
(c) Dinner at the Phillipines Embassy
(d) Dinner at Marie MacIntosh's house

13. How does the Vietnam ambassador prepare for the Senator's visit?
(a) By engineering every facet of the visit to make the embassy look good
(b) By erecting a statue to the Senator on embassy grounds
(c) By hiring a public relations person for the trip
(d) By repainting the embassy

14. What is his original intention with his planned trip to southeast Asia?
(a) To discover new recipes
(b) To determine the truth of the American situation there
(c) To find a new wife and new home
(d) To search out his family's origins

15. What organization does U Maung Swe speak of that provided aid in an acceptable manner?
(a) GMAC
(b) The Gates Foundation
(c) Union Carbide
(d) The Ford Foundation

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Homer Atkins bring with him when he moves to Sarkhan?

2. What is the State Department's reply to MacWhite's policy suggestions?

3. Who behaves incorrectly at the performance and causes the Asians consternation?

4. What idea does Emma give him regarding the pump?

5. What is Finian's Station?

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