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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Senator Brown wanted to talk to real soldiers and natives. Who did he talk to?
(a) Embassy staff and their spouses
(b) Actors and actresses
(c) Real soldiers and natives
(d) Only people placed by the embassy

2. What do the authors say substitute training in selection of ambassadors for American embassies?
(a) Personal wealth, political loyalty and the ability to stay out of trouble
(b) Language skills and a background in psychology
(c) Standing up for what is right and voicing an opinion
(d) Anglo-american names, corporate connections and social skills

3. The authors say America will lose its freedom not in a nuclear cataclysm but how?
(a) In a succession of bits and fragments
(b) In a long protracted war with the Soviets
(c) not with a bang but a whimper
(d) Through global warming

4. Who does Homer Atkins bring with him when he moves to Sarkhan?
(a) Joe Bing
(b) Louis Sears
(c) His wife, Emma
(d) Jeepo

5. Who is Jonathon Brown?
(a) American Senator
(b) Gilbert MacWhite's assistant secretary
(c) Marie MacIntosh's uncle
(d) Joe Bing's brother in law

6. When Emma asks the villagers what causes this problem, what is their answer?
(a) It is caused by the water from the well
(b) It is punishment for sins they have committed
(c) It is caused by the altitude
(d) This is what happens when people get old

7. How does Atkins surprise the committee?
(a) By falling asleep during the proceedings
(b) By demonstrating a long handled broom
(c) By telling them the Communists have built a huge road in the jungle that runs the length of the country
(d) By announcing his plans to become communist

8. What was the cause of Captain Boning's distraction?
(a) He was spending every night with a Chinese woman and not sleeping
(b) He was in financial trouble
(c) He was ill with dysentary
(d) He was watching television all night

9. What does U Maung Swe say is the reason America has lost its prestige in Asia?
(a) The Americans are too short
(b) Americans are too poor to travel to Asia
(c) The Americans who are stationed in foreign lands are isolated, loud and ostentatious
(d) Ther Americans do not pay the servants well

10. What was the reaction of Wolcheck and Monet's superiors to the details of the battle?
(a) They were shocked and decided to reprimand them for going against everything the men had been taught in the military
(b) They promised to take the suggestions under advisement
(c) They appluded the men and promoted them
(d) They were given bonuses in their next paychecks

11. What does the Phillipine Ambassador ask Hillandale to do at the dinner?
(a) To serve the dessert
(b) To make the welcoming speech
(c) To act as an interpreter
(d) To perform as a palmist and astrologer

12. What does MacWhite ask Atkins to do?
(a) Move to Burma
(b) Leave the room
(c) Return to the United States
(d) Move to Sarkhan

13. How does the Vietnam ambassador prepare for the Senator's visit?
(a) By engineering every facet of the visit to make the embassy look good
(b) By repainting the embassy
(c) By erecting a statue to the Senator on embassy grounds
(d) By hiring a public relations person for the trip

14. What does Emma do to introduce the longer handled brooms?
(a) She buys time on the local television station for an advertisement
(b) Finds a local reed that will work and uses it herself in front of the villagers
(c) She hires a salesperson to peddle the new invention
(d) She opens her own store

15. What idea does Emma give him regarding the pump?
(a) To name it after a famous Sarkhanese general
(b) To paint it red white and blue
(c) To power it using bicycles
(d) To abandon it in favor of a telephone system

Short Answer Questions

1. The authors say the American embassies overseas are so busy trying to entertain visiting American VIP's that they resemble what?

2. What is the common problem of the village elderly?

3. Who interferes with Hillandale and causes this progress to be lost?

4. What is the real reason MacWhite is being replaced as an Ambassador?

5. Why didn't Emma just order American brooms and hand them out?

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