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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The authors say America will lose its freedom not in a nuclear cataclysm but how?
(a) In a long protracted war with the Soviets
(b) In a succession of bits and fragments
(c) not with a bang but a whimper
(d) Through global warming

2. When Emma asks the villagers what causes this problem, what is their answer?
(a) It is caused by the altitude
(b) This is what happens when people get old
(c) It is caused by the water from the well
(d) It is punishment for sins they have committed

3. What disturbs Knox about the Conference he is attending?
(a) There are no other Americans at the conference
(b) He cannot speak Cambodian
(c) The proposals for further aid are for ambitious military plans
(d) There is insufficient American food available

4. What is the common problem of the village elderly?
(a) They cannot speak English
(b) Backs are curved and they walk bent over
(c) They are grossly overweight
(d) Their teeth have fallen out

5. What was Asch's first clue that something was distracting Boning?
(a) Boning was drinking too much coffee at the conference
(b) Boning was missing from the conference
(c) Boning was dozing during the conference and answering the questions slowly
(d) Boning was taking his shoes off during the conference

6. In 1958, what percentage of the Foreign Service officer corps could speak a language other than English?
(a) 85
(b) 50%
(c) 10
(d) 100

7. What was Senator Brown's conclusion after his tiring trip?
(a) Americans should not be allowed to travel to Southeast Asia
(b) The communists are making serious inroads into Southeast Asia
(c) Everything is just as the embassy says it is
(d) Embassy procedures need a serious renovation

8. What is Finian's Station?
(a) A non-denominational college for Sarkhanese students attending on a four year scholarship
(b) A cozy cafe near the embassy in Sarkhan
(c) The second most popular television channel in Sarkhan
(d) The name of the volunteer fire station in Homer Atkins' village

9. What does Knox say to the headman of the village when he is asked why he left America to come to Cambodia?
(a) I am interested in becoming a communist
(b) I was asked to leave the country
(c) I wanted to find a Cambodian wife
(d) I like people and chickens.

10. When the men finish reading the books, what does Monet say?
(a) The French methods of war are better
(b) Let us begin a book club for the villagers
(c) Mao is right and we have been wrong
(d) Mao needs to see a counselor

11. How successful is Emma's introduction of the long handled broom?
(a) It is a complete failure and she loses her investment
(b) Four years later she receives a letter saying none of the elderly have bent backs
(c) A new type of broom is named after her
(d) The villagers buy her a vacuum cleaner

12. Who interferes with Hillandale and causes this progress to be lost?
(a) George Swift
(b) Roger
(c) Donald
(d) Joe Bing

13. When Hillandale visits the capital city of Sarkhan, what sort of shop does he notice outnumbers all the others?
(a) Palmistry and astrology establishments
(b) Shops that sell guns and knives
(c) Shoe and dress shops
(d) Perfume and silk shops

14. What project does MacWhite give Atkins to work on?
(a) Create a way for Sarkhanese people to get water from the hills
(b) Finding an assignment for John Colvin
(c) Discover who Donald and Roger are reporting to in the communist party
(d) Building dams and roads in Sarkhan

15. What does U Maung Swe recommend to MacWhite?
(a) Allow the communists to take over
(b) Resign from the foreign service
(c) Bring John Colvin back to Sarkahn
(d) Obtain a chinese mistress

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does the conference go well before there are problems?

2. What does Atkins decide to build?

3. Who does Hillandale charm at the dinner and therefore make more progress in one night than the embassy has made in months?

4. What is the real reason MacWhite is being replaced as an Ambassador?

5. What are the main requests MacWhite makes for a change of policy in foreign service personnel?

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