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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Thomas Elmer Knox?
(a) The founder of Knox Farms
(b) An embassy official who is in charge of preparing for official USA visits
(c) A Cambodian native who is running for President
(d) An American poultry farmer who assisted Cambodian farmers by teaching them about their chickens

2. What does Knox say to the headman of the village when he is asked why he left America to come to Cambodia?
(a) I am interested in becoming a communist
(b) I was asked to leave the country
(c) I wanted to find a Cambodian wife
(d) I like people and chickens.

3. How does the Vietnam ambassador prepare for the Senator's visit?
(a) By erecting a statue to the Senator on embassy grounds
(b) By engineering every facet of the visit to make the embassy look good
(c) By hiring a public relations person for the trip
(d) By repainting the embassy

4. What is Knox told when he proposes to bring in more roosters and chickens to Cambodia?
(a) The money could be better spent on cattle
(b) The money could be better spent on military plans
(c) We are turning your proposals over to a committee
(d) This is a great idea and you have our full support

5. What project does MacWhite give Atkins to work on?
(a) Discover who Donald and Roger are reporting to in the communist party
(b) Finding an assignment for John Colvin
(c) Create a way for Sarkhanese people to get water from the hills
(d) Building dams and roads in Sarkhan

6. What do the authors say substitute training in selection of ambassadors for American embassies?
(a) Language skills and a background in psychology
(b) Anglo-american names, corporate connections and social skills
(c) Standing up for what is right and voicing an opinion
(d) Personal wealth, political loyalty and the ability to stay out of trouble

7. What idea does Emma give him regarding the pump?
(a) To abandon it in favor of a telephone system
(b) To name it after a famous Sarkhanese general
(c) To power it using bicycles
(d) To paint it red white and blue

8. What other branch of the government is stationed in foregin lands and also lacks the ability to communicate in the language of the people that surround them?
(a) Military
(b) Justice
(c) Education
(d) Commerce

9. What does Emma do to introduce the longer handled brooms?
(a) She hires a salesperson to peddle the new invention
(b) She opens her own store
(c) Finds a local reed that will work and uses it herself in front of the villagers
(d) She buys time on the local television station for an advertisement

10. When the men finish reading the books, what does Monet say?
(a) The French methods of war are better
(b) Let us begin a book club for the villagers
(c) Mao needs to see a counselor
(d) Mao is right and we have been wrong

11. Who is Jonathon Brown?
(a) American Senator
(b) Gilbert MacWhite's assistant secretary
(c) Joe Bing's brother in law
(d) Marie MacIntosh's uncle

12. Whose books do Wolcheck, Monet and MacWhite study?
(a) James Michener
(b) Mao Tse-tung
(c) Robert Ludlum
(d) Chiang Kai-Shek

13. Who interferes with Hillandale and causes this progress to be lost?
(a) Joe Bing
(b) George Swift
(c) Roger
(d) Donald

14. Who is U Maung Swe?
(a) General in the Sarkhanese Army
(b) One of Father Finian's friends
(c) The best known journalist in Burma
(d) UN Secretary

15. What is Finian's Station?
(a) A cozy cafe near the embassy in Sarkhan
(b) The second most popular television channel in Sarkhan
(c) The name of the volunteer fire station in Homer Atkins' village
(d) A non-denominational college for Sarkhanese students attending on a four year scholarship

Short Answer Questions

1. What example of "tinsel" does U Maung Swe offer?

2. What was Asch's first clue that something was distracting Boning?

3. Who is Solomon Asch?

4. Who does Homer Atkins choose to partner with on the pump manufacturing?

5. Why is he called ugly?

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