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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Knox say to the headman of the village when he is asked why he left America to come to Cambodia?
(a) I wanted to find a Cambodian wife
(b) I was asked to leave the country
(c) I am interested in becoming a communist
(d) I like people and chickens.

2. What other branch of the government is stationed in foregin lands and also lacks the ability to communicate in the language of the people that surround them?
(a) Education
(b) Justice
(c) Commerce
(d) Military

3. Who behaves incorrectly at the performance and causes the Asians consternation?
(a) Donald
(b) George Swift
(c) Joe Bing
(d) Roger

4. Why does Asch think it is necessary that his delegation answers the questions firmly and quickly?
(a) To please the Soviets
(b) To avoid an air of condescension
(c) To save money
(d) To save time

5. Who is Jonathon Brown?
(a) Marie MacIntosh's uncle
(b) American Senator
(c) Joe Bing's brother in law
(d) Gilbert MacWhite's assistant secretary

6. What does Emma decide is actually the problem?
(a) People are using short handled brooms
(b) It is a genetic defect in the villagers
(c) The villagers need to read more books
(d) Someone is beating the elderly people

7. What are the main requests MacWhite makes for a change of policy in foreign service personnel?
(a) Learn the language of the country assigned to, commit to two years, no luxuries, no private autos, be well versed in communism ideology
(b) Bring only military style clothes, restrict travel within the country, and no fraternization with natives
(c) Reduce pay for servants, limit the number of parties per week, and ride bicycles to work
(d) Better training as cooks, recruit blonde women only, and raise the salary of the Ambassador

8. The authors say the American embassies overseas are so busy trying to entertain visiting American VIP's that they resemble what?
(a) Carnivals
(b) Brothels
(c) Tourist agencies
(d) Corporations

9. What does U Maung Swe say is the reason America has lost its prestige in Asia?
(a) The Americans who are stationed in foreign lands are isolated, loud and ostentatious
(b) Ther Americans do not pay the servants well
(c) The Americans are too short
(d) Americans are too poor to travel to Asia

10. The authors say America should stop selling guns and money and sell what instead?
(a) Bananas
(b) Rice
(c) The dignity of freedom
(d) Books

11. What Senate Committee does he chair?
(a) Armament & Manpower
(b) Judicial Review
(c) Ways and Means
(d) Foreign Affairs

12. How does Atkins surprise the committee?
(a) By telling them the Communists have built a huge road in the jungle that runs the length of the country
(b) By falling asleep during the proceedings
(c) By announcing his plans to become communist
(d) By demonstrating a long handled broom

13. Who do Wolchek, MacWhite and Monet have to answer to for their successful battle against the Communists?
(a) The King of Siam
(b) The Vietnamese general staff
(c) The Congress of the USA
(d) American Major General, two French Admirals and four French generals

14. What does Atkins decide to build?
(a) A multi-layered chicken coop
(b) Man powered water pump
(c) A large house
(d) A road that extends from one end of the country to the other

15. Who is U Maung Swe?
(a) One of Father Finian's friends
(b) General in the Sarkhanese Army
(c) UN Secretary
(d) The best known journalist in Burma

Short Answer Questions

1. What idea does Emma give him regarding the pump?

2. Whose books do Wolcheck, Monet and MacWhite study?

3. What does MacWhite ask Atkins to do?

4. What type of home does he choose in Sarkhan?

5. What is the real reason MacWhite is being replaced as an Ambassador?

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