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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the real reason MacWhite is being replaced as an Ambassador?
(a) He told the truth about conditions in Asia and the truth was different from the official government line
(b) He announced he was defecting to the Soviet Union
(c) He became a Buddhist
(d) He angered the Sarkhanese government

2. What was the reaction of Wolcheck and Monet's superiors to the details of the battle?
(a) They were given bonuses in their next paychecks
(b) They promised to take the suggestions under advisement
(c) They appluded the men and promoted them
(d) They were shocked and decided to reprimand them for going against everything the men had been taught in the military

3. The authors say America should stop selling guns and money and sell what instead?
(a) Books
(b) The dignity of freedom
(c) Rice
(d) Bananas

4. The authors say America will lose its freedom not in a nuclear cataclysm but how?
(a) In a long protracted war with the Soviets
(b) In a succession of bits and fragments
(c) Through global warming
(d) not with a bang but a whimper

5. What example of "tinsel" does U Maung Swe offer?
(a) News coverage of the Miss Sarkhan Pageant
(b) Rotten produce flown in from San Francisco
(c) Promises to Burma of a mobile floating dredge which turned out to be a rusting old stationery dredge which even the Americans could not get to work
(d) Items used to decorate Christmas Trees in the Sarkhanese homes

6. How does Atkins surprise the committee?
(a) By announcing his plans to become communist
(b) By telling them the Communists have built a huge road in the jungle that runs the length of the country
(c) By demonstrating a long handled broom
(d) By falling asleep during the proceedings

7. Why does Asch think it is necessary that his delegation answers the questions firmly and quickly?
(a) To avoid an air of condescension
(b) To please the Soviets
(c) To save money
(d) To save time

8. What does MacWhite ask Atkins to do?
(a) Move to Sarkhan
(b) Return to the United States
(c) Leave the room
(d) Move to Burma

9. When Emma asks the villagers what causes this problem, what is their answer?
(a) It is caused by the altitude
(b) This is what happens when people get old
(c) It is caused by the water from the well
(d) It is punishment for sins they have committed

10. How does the Vietnam ambassador prepare for the Senator's visit?
(a) By repainting the embassy
(b) By erecting a statue to the Senator on embassy grounds
(c) By hiring a public relations person for the trip
(d) By engineering every facet of the visit to make the embassy look good

11. What does Atkins decide to build?
(a) A large house
(b) A road that extends from one end of the country to the other
(c) A multi-layered chicken coop
(d) Man powered water pump

12. What is the surprise weapon the men decide to use against the Communists?
(a) A female spy
(b) AK-47s and Uzis
(c) A rocket truck
(d) An atomic bomb

13. What does Emma decide is actually the problem?
(a) People are using short handled brooms
(b) It is a genetic defect in the villagers
(c) The villagers need to read more books
(d) Someone is beating the elderly people

14. What project does MacWhite give Atkins to work on?
(a) Finding an assignment for John Colvin
(b) Building dams and roads in Sarkhan
(c) Discover who Donald and Roger are reporting to in the communist party
(d) Create a way for Sarkhanese people to get water from the hills

15. What does Knox say to the headman of the village when he is asked why he left America to come to Cambodia?
(a) I wanted to find a Cambodian wife
(b) I was asked to leave the country
(c) I like people and chickens.
(d) I am interested in becoming a communist

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the authors say substitute training in selection of ambassadors for American embassies?

2. What does Emma do to introduce the longer handled brooms?

3. Who is U Maung Swe?

4. When MacWhite writes his letter to the Secretary of State, how many Americans does he say have been through the embassy and how many were valuable in the struggle against communism?

5. What is his original intention with his planned trip to southeast Asia?

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