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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Senator Brown's conclusion after his tiring trip?
(a) The communists are making serious inroads into Southeast Asia
(b) Everything is just as the embassy says it is
(c) Embassy procedures need a serious renovation
(d) Americans should not be allowed to travel to Southeast Asia

2. The authors say America should stop selling guns and money and sell what instead?
(a) Books
(b) Rice
(c) Bananas
(d) The dignity of freedom

3. What does U Maung Swe recommend to MacWhite?
(a) Resign from the foreign service
(b) Allow the communists to take over
(c) Bring John Colvin back to Sarkahn
(d) Obtain a chinese mistress

4. Who is Solomon Asch?
(a) Head of the American Delegation to the Special Armament section of the Asia Conference?
(b) Head of the Sarkhanese Delegation to the Special Armament section of the Asian Conference
(c) The Ambassdor to Sarkhan from the Soviet Union
(d) A Chinese offical in Vietnam

5. What does Atkins decide to build?
(a) Man powered water pump
(b) A road that extends from one end of the country to the other
(c) A large house
(d) A multi-layered chicken coop

6. What type of home does he choose in Sarkhan?
(a) Large mansion on the river
(b) Quonset hut from the USA
(c) Sturdy double-wide trailer
(d) Small cottage with pressed earth floors

7. Who does Hillandale charm at the dinner and therefore make more progress in one night than the embassy has made in months?
(a) The Prime Minister of Sarkhan
(b) Mao Tse-Tung
(c) Gilbert MacWhite
(d) Joe Bing

8. What other branch of the government is stationed in foregin lands and also lacks the ability to communicate in the language of the people that surround them?
(a) Education
(b) Commerce
(c) Justice
(d) Military

9. Who does Homer Atkins bring with him when he moves to Sarkhan?
(a) Jeepo
(b) Louis Sears
(c) His wife, Emma
(d) Joe Bing

10. What project does MacWhite give Atkins to work on?
(a) Create a way for Sarkhanese people to get water from the hills
(b) Finding an assignment for John Colvin
(c) Discover who Donald and Roger are reporting to in the communist party
(d) Building dams and roads in Sarkhan

11. Why didn't Emma just order American brooms and hand them out?
(a) Homer tells her it is not important
(b) She cannot afford it
(c) There is no Fed Ex office in the area
(d) The villagers would not have accepted them

12. What organization does U Maung Swe speak of that provided aid in an acceptable manner?
(a) The Ford Foundation
(b) Union Carbide
(c) GMAC
(d) The Gates Foundation

13. What are the main requests MacWhite makes for a change of policy in foreign service personnel?
(a) Bring only military style clothes, restrict travel within the country, and no fraternization with natives
(b) Better training as cooks, recruit blonde women only, and raise the salary of the Ambassador
(c) Learn the language of the country assigned to, commit to two years, no luxuries, no private autos, be well versed in communism ideology
(d) Reduce pay for servants, limit the number of parties per week, and ride bicycles to work

14. What Senate Committee does he chair?
(a) Foreign Affairs
(b) Armament & Manpower
(c) Judicial Review
(d) Ways and Means

15. When MacWhite writes his letter to the Secretary of State, how many Americans does he say have been through the embassy and how many were valuable in the struggle against communism?
(a) Over 10 people, none valuable
(b) Over 300 peope, none valuable
(c) Over 300 people, only five valuable
(d) Over 500 people, all valuable

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Knox decide to do?

2. What event does Hillandale get invited to soon after arriving in Sarkhan?

3. What was the cause of Captain Boning's distraction?

4. Who is Homer Atkins?

5. Who is the new Ambassador to Sarkhan?

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