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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Father Finian?
(a) Louis Sears' father in law
(b) The priest who runs the boys club in Sarkhan
(c) A priest who is transferred to Burma by the Vatican
(d) A Buddhist priest who lives next door to Homer Atkins

2. How did Joe Bing treat Father Finian's request for ballpoint pens as rewards for distributing the newspapers?
(a) Joe Bing granted the request and hand wrapped the pens
(b) Joe Bing never received the request
(c) Joe Bing refused to grant the request
(d) Joe Bing purchased the pens with his own money & gave them to Finian

3. What is a Sarkhanese?
(a) A citizen of Burma
(b) A citizen of planet Saturn
(c) Someone who eats sark
(d) A citizen of Sarkhan

4. Of the names listed below, who was also a speaker at the recruitment meeting?
(a) Gilbert MacWhite
(b) Marie MacIntosh
(c) Homer Atkins
(d) Joe Bing

5. Why is Li Ping angered by this question?
(a) Li Ping is a communist
(b) Li Ping is always angry
(c) Li Ping knows the servants are listening
(d) Li Ping does not speak good English

6. How does she get to work?
(a) Walks
(b) Chauffer driven car
(c) Takes the Metro
(d) Rides the bus

7. Why is this letter from Louis Sears to Dexter Peterson confidential and personal?
(a) Dexter would not read the letter otherwise
(b) Sears is not allowed to send regular correspondence
(c) Sears and Peterson are long time friends and trust one another
(d) Sears is passing government secrets

8. Why does she have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the government cafeteria every day?
(a) Cheaper and easier than eating in the crowded apartment
(b) She is having an affair with the head chef there
(c) She loves the food there
(d) Her apartment has no stove

9. How many acres of land were involved in this incident?
(a) 1,000
(b) Fifty
(c) One
(d) 10,000

10. Why have many Burmese become communists?
(a) Because Americans are ugly
(b) Because the communists offer them more money
(c) Because communists are the winning team
(d) Because they believe the communists are against the Westerners, who have behaved unjustly

11. Who is Tonki?
(a) One of her roommates
(b) Her new boss at the embassy
(c) Her new boyfriend
(d) A servant at the embassy who handled her luggage

12. What question does Father Finian ask that surprises the Burmese men?
(a) "Where is the men's room?"
(b) "What is it that we want to do?"
(c) "What is the cure for dysentary?"
(d) "Which of you is a communist?"

13. Why is Ruth Hyoti disappointed with her treatment in Hawaii?
(a) She is not met by the President of the USA
(b) She is imprisoned immediately
(c) She is forced to wait for hours in an uncomfortable room before she can clear Immigrations
(d) She is not greeted with a flower necklace

14. Why don't they jump?
(a) The battle has already been lost
(b) MacWhite tells them they cannot go
(c) They are afraid of the upcoming battle
(d) The parachutes are missing

15. Why did this ruse work even though many Americans were involved in giving the rice to the people?
(a) The Americans were distracted by dancing girls
(b) The Americans were not involved in the transfer of the rice
(c) None of the Americans could read Sarkhanese
(d) The Americans were paid off by the Soviets to keep quiet

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father Finian do when he arrives in Burma?

2. Who informs Lous Sears about John Colvin's injuries?

3. What happens to Colvin in this chapter?

4. How did Ambassador Krupitzyn convince the Sarkhanese that the relief rice was from the Soviet Union and not America?

5. Why is Ruth Jyoti disappointed with the American newspapers?

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