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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Magsaysay?
(a) Hillandale's assistant
(b) A Filipino politician who is running for President
(c) An intelligence officer in the Sarkhan embassy
(d) One of Father Finian's friends

2. Who is Tonki?
(a) Her new boyfriend
(b) One of her roommates
(c) Her new boss at the embassy
(d) A servant at the embassy who handled her luggage

3. How did the government advertise the recruitment meeting?
(a) Brightly colored placards posted around Washington D.C.
(b) Word of mouth
(c) Newspaper ads with attractive photos
(d) Ads on CNN

4. Why is Ruth Jyoti disappointed with the American newspapers?
(a) There are too few comics
(b) There are not enough ads for dresses
(c) They are all written in English
(d) There are no reports concerning the Asian nation conferences

5. Who is Li Ping?
(a) Roger's father
(b) Donald's brother
(c) A Chinese man who is a representative of General Chiang Kai-shek
(d) Marie MacIntosh's boyfriend

6. How does she get to work every day?
(a) Rides the bus
(b) Her own vehicle
(c) Limousine
(d) Walks

7. How did Joe Bing treat Father Finian's request for ballpoint pens as rewards for distributing the newspapers?
(a) Joe Bing purchased the pens with his own money & gave them to Finian
(b) Joe Bing refused to grant the request
(c) Joe Bing never received the request
(d) Joe Bing granted the request and hand wrapped the pens

8. During what season did the incident of the Royal Sarkhanese Air Base happen?
(a) Chinese New Year
(b) Wet season
(c) Christmas
(d) Dry season

9. Who informs Lous Sears about John Colvin's injuries?
(a) Margaret Johnson, his assistant
(b) Margaret Colvin
(c) Jeepo
(d) John Colvin

10. What statement did the Ambassador give to the editors?
(a) The rumor is false
(b) The rumor is true
(c) The USA is going to give the land back to Sarkhan
(d) No comment

11. What does Sears think could increase morale at the embassy in Sarkhan?
(a) People who don't drink
(b) People who can speak Sarkhanese
(c) People who have studied communism
(d) More pretty girls

12. What are the only expenses of the people assigned to foreign service?
(a) clothing, lliquor and bribes
(b) food, liquor, clothes and servants
(c) housing, transportation and food
(d) liquor, housing and all travel

13. What question does Father Finian ask that surprises the Burmese men?
(a) "Where is the men's room?"
(b) "Which of you is a communist?"
(c) "What is the cure for dysentary?"
(d) "What is it that we want to do?"

14. What does Mr. Upton allude to as the reason people should be signing up to work in foreign service?
(a) To get out of the USA
(b) To avoid paying taxes
(c) To fight communism from spreading all over the world
(d) To enrich their 401K

15. How did Colvin meet Deong?
(a) In Hanoi at a shopping center
(b) When Colvin parachuted into Sarkhan during WWII
(c) At a state dinner in San Francisco
(d) In Milwaukee at college

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Krupitzyn begin his career in foreign service for the Soviet Union?

2. Why does he have this nickname?

3. What does Joe Rivers think of Joe Bing?

4. What is the recruitment team's message to the audience regarding the necessity to learn foreign languages or deal with the natives of the country they are posted to?

5. What does MacWhite ask Li Ping?

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