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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Dexter Peterson?
(a) State Department supervisor of Louis Sears
(b) French Ambassador to Sarkhan
(c) Servant in the Sarkhan embassy
(d) Gilbert MacWhite's brother

2. What happens to Colvin in this chapter?
(a) Colvin decides to return to the USA
(b) Colvin makes his first million
(c) He and Deong get into a fight and the women beat up Colvin
(d) Colvin marries Deong's sister

3. Why is Ruth Hyoti disappointed with her treatment in Hawaii?
(a) She is not greeted with a flower necklace
(b) She is forced to wait for hours in an uncomfortable room before she can clear Immigrations
(c) She is imprisoned immediately
(d) She is not met by the President of the USA

4. How does she occupy her evenings?
(a) Attending college classes
(b) After chores, she watches television
(c) Parties with prominent Pentagon officials
(d) Reading books on political idealogy

5. Who is Father Finian?
(a) A Buddhist priest who lives next door to Homer Atkins
(b) A priest who is transferred to Burma by the Vatican
(c) Louis Sears' father in law
(d) The priest who runs the boys club in Sarkhan

6. What question does Father Finian ask that surprises the Burmese men?
(a) "Which of you is a communist?"
(b) "What is it that we want to do?"
(c) "Where is the men's room?"
(d) "What is the cure for dysentary?"

7. How did Sears cover his mistake about the mis-labeled rice?
(a) He sent out 100,000 handbills to the Sarkhanese explaining the ruse
(b) He blew up the Soviet embassy
(c) He called the farmers on the telephone and explained
(d) He recalled the rice and had it re-labeled

8. What statement did the Ambassador give to the editors?
(a) The USA is going to give the land back to Sarkhan
(b) The rumor is true
(c) The rumor is false
(d) No comment

9. Why did this ruse work even though many Americans were involved in giving the rice to the people?
(a) The Americans were distracted by dancing girls
(b) The Americans were paid off by the Soviets to keep quiet
(c) None of the Americans could read Sarkhanese
(d) The Americans were not involved in the transfer of the rice

10. How many acres of land were involved in this incident?
(a) 1,000
(b) One
(c) 10,000
(d) Fifty

11. Who is Major Monet?
(a) An artist living in Sarkhan
(b) The commander of the French Foreign Legion outside of Hanoi, Vietnam
(c) One of the embassy servants
(d) Best friend of Louis Sears

12. Who is Kruptizyn more concerned about than the American Ambassador?
(a) Emma Watkins
(b) Mrs. Kruptizyn
(c) Father Finian
(d) Joe Bing

13. Who is Magsaysay?
(a) One of Father Finian's friends
(b) An intelligence officer in the Sarkhan embassy
(c) A Filipino politician who is running for President
(d) Hillandale's assistant

14. What does Hillandale do when he reaches the northern province?
(a) Buys dinner for everyone
(b) Buys a large house, marries a local woman and settles down
(c) Demands that the villagers vote for Magsaysay
(d) Plays his harmonica and makes friends with the villagers

15. Why does Sears say he dislikes Maggie Johnson?
(a) She is too tall
(b) She is a communist spy
(c) She is sleeping with the servants
(d) She agrees with the native press too much and brings newspapermen to his office

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Li Ping angered by this question?

2. How many men are in Father Finian's group, including hiim?

3. What does Mr. Upton allude to as the reason people should be signing up to work in foreign service?

4. Why is MacWhite upset by this knowledge?

5. What are the only expenses of the people assigned to foreign service?

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