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William J. Lederer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did this ruse work even though many Americans were involved in giving the rice to the people?
(a) The Americans were paid off by the Soviets to keep quiet
(b) The Americans were distracted by dancing girls
(c) None of the Americans could read Sarkhanese
(d) The Americans were not involved in the transfer of the rice

2. How many men are in Father Finian's group, including hiim?
(a) Nine
(b) Fifteen
(c) Twenty-five
(d) Three

3. Who is Roger and Donald
(a) Two American intelligence officers in Vietnam
(b) Two of Father Finian's nine friends
(c) Sakhanese servants in the embassy
(d) Famous comedians who come for the USO show

4. Why is this letter from Louis Sears to Dexter Peterson confidential and personal?
(a) Dexter would not read the letter otherwise
(b) Sears and Peterson are long time friends and trust one another
(c) Sears is passing government secrets
(d) Sears is not allowed to send regular correspondence

5. What happened when Father Finian incorporates the Burmese food into his diet?
(a) He fires his cook
(b) He suffers from dysentary and loses 40 pounds
(c) He becomes allergic to bananas
(d) He gains 75 pounds and must start a diet

6. What did the placards say about foreign service?
(a) Exposure to disease and dysentary but good for you
(b) Good pay, possible advancement, patriotic career, opportunity to travel
(c) Good bosses, parties every night, cheap liquor
(d) Poor working conditions, bad pay, no possibility for advancement

7. Who is Bob Maile?
(a) Editor of the San Francisco newspaper
(b) Reporter from the New York Times
(c) A member of the United States Information Service who is admired by the people of Southeast Asia
(d) Belgian Ambassador to Sarkhan

8. Who is Marie MacIntosh
(a) Louis Sears' secretary
(b) US Air Force Colonel from the Phillipines
(c) Roger's wife
(d) A young woman from the Pentagon secretarial pool who attends the recruitment meeting

9. What story is Ruth Jyoti most famous for?
(a) The Chinese discovery of the moon
(b) The Lindbergh kidnapping
(c) The Hindenberg disaster
(d) The success of Father Finian in Burma

10. Why is Ruth Hyoti disappointed with her treatment in Hawaii?
(a) She is not met by the President of the USA
(b) She is imprisoned immediately
(c) She is not greeted with a flower necklace
(d) She is forced to wait for hours in an uncomfortable room before she can clear Immigrations

11. Why is Li Ping angered by this question?
(a) Li Ping is always angry
(b) Li Ping is a communist
(c) Li Ping knows the servants are listening
(d) Li Ping does not speak good English

12. How does Marie MacIntosh travel to her new destination?
(a) Ship, then train
(b) Walks
(c) Airplane, via first class ticket
(d) Train

13. What evidence does Sears present that he is doing a good job in Sarkhan?
(a) Letter of recommendation from Father Finian
(b) An article from the Eastern Star
(c) Testimonials from many natives of his good works
(d) Taped recording of an interview with scared communists

14. What is the first step that the friends decide to take?
(a) To gather intelligence about the communists
(b) To escape from Burma
(c) To kill every communist they find
(d) To throw a party and invite all the communists

15. Who is Joe Bing?
(a) Mayor of Fort Worth
(b) Chief of Information for ICA
(c) French Ambassador to Sarkhan
(d) Servant at the Soviet Embassy

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Marie spend her evenings now?

2. What does Joe Rivers think of Joe Bing?

3. What does Sears think could increase morale at the embassy in Sarkhan?

4. Who proposed a solution to the problem?

5. What famous general did Krupitzyn work with in China?

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