The Ugly American Short Essay - Answer Key

William J. Lederer
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1. Why is Louis Sears called Lucky Lou by his associates?

Because he has progressed through the political system, obtaining better and better positions at each step

2. Describe Sears' attitude towards the Sarkhanese people.

He is not concerned about their welfare, culture or goals.

3. Is John Colvin's plan to start a business in Sarkhan well thought out?

Yes, he is using every phase of the business to assist the people, and he is taking their culture and religion into account in a respectful manner.

4. Describe the relationship between Deong and Colvin.

At the beginning the men were bonded through a life and death struggle, which would normally have resulted in a lifelong friendship; but the idealogy of communism tears them apart.

5. Describe Louis Krupitzyn as he assumes his post in Sarkhan.

Krupitzyn is a composed, highly trained professional, well versed in the culture and beliefs of the people of the country, and prepared to spread the communist doctrine in a systematic and effective manner.

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