The Ugly American Fun Activities

William J. Lederer
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Visual Representation of Sarkhan

Create a map with the major cities, towns where Homer Atkins resided, areas where the typhoons occurred. Use the book to provide the basic facts, then create additional geographical features, towns, places of interest. Look at a map of Southeast Asia and decide where this fictitious country would have been located, and which countries would border it.


Pretending you are Ambassador Gilbert MacWhite, create a journal of his first 30 days in office, using what is provided by the book, but also making up your own thoughts about his actions, based upon his character.

Book research

Read the internet entries, blogs, Wikipedia, and encyclopedia information concerning the impact this book had on the American public when it was published. Also research the movie that was made, and view it if possible. Share with the class any information you find out.


Locate men and...

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