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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men discuss as Pa is sleeping?
(a) Whether Ma can save Pa.
(b) Whether to desert Pa now or later.
(c) Whether they can join the Russian army.
(d) Whether they can turn Pa over to the Russians.

2. What does Ma have to do to get Pa to pay attention to him?
(a) She has to kick him.
(b) She has to give him money.
(c) She has to threaten him.
(d) She has to swear at him.

3. Who protests Pa's decision on the tax profits?
(a) Financiers.
(b) Tax collectors.
(c) Peasants.
(d) Judges.

4. Why did Pa take the account books with him to battle?
(a) So the peasants couldn't revolt.
(b) So he could bribe Manure.
(c) So Ma couldn't take any money.
(d) So they would be safe.

5. What does Ma tell Pa that his only action is?
(a) To build a fortress.
(b) To send an assassin for Mannure.
(c) To declare war on Russia.
(d) To go into hiding.

6. How much does Pa order he will now receive from the profits of the taxes?
(a) Half.
(b) One fourth.
(c) All of it.
(d) Three fourths.

7. How can the peasants tell when Pa is drawing near?
(a) They hear him swearing.
(b) They can smell him.
(c) They see him walking in.
(d) They have set up a warning system.

8. What does Manure say he will do when he returns?
(a) Remove Pa from the throne.
(b) Restore the kingdom to Buggerless.
(c) Take Ma away from Pa.
(d) Take up the fight of the peasants.

9. Who appears unexpectedly at Buggerless' rally?
(a) Manure.
(b) Pa.
(c) Ma.
(d) A messenger.

10. Why does Pa order lunch to be served?
(a) He says that he is too scared to fight right now.
(b) He says that a full stomach will protect them.
(c) He says that he must eat before a battle.
(d) He says that the Russians never fight at midday.

11. What does Pa plan to control beyond the finances?
(a) Weather.
(b) Travel.
(c) Buggerless.
(d) Other kingdoms.

12. Where is Manure in Scene 5?
(a) Prison.
(b) In Pa's old home.
(c) With Buggerless.
(d) In the throne room.

13. What does Ma tell Pa to make sure to do?
(a) Finding Buggerless and killing him.
(b) Take care of the books.
(c) Kill the Czar properly.
(d) Find Manure.

14. What does Buggerless tell his followers?
(a) It is time to reclaim the country.
(b) He has to travel to Russia.
(c) He needs more money.
(d) He must hunt down Pa.

15. What does Pa say about war?
(a) He says that he will attack first.
(b) He says he'll fight one, but not spend any money.
(c) He says that he needs more money for a war.
(d) He says he refuses to fight one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the peasants talking about when they hear Pa approaching?

2. Why does Pa believe he is feeling ill?

3. How does Pa react to the letter?

4. What do the men say to Pa which shows they are finally rebelling?

5. What does say that Pa and Ma owe to Manure?

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