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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the song that the Polish army is singing about?
(a) The desire to work for Manure.
(b) How many buttons on their uniform.
(c) Pa's insanity.
(d) How to march in straight lines.

2. What does Pa say there is no way he will do?
(a) Watch the amount of money they spend.
(b) Listen to what Ma says.
(c) Make Manure a duke.
(d) Watch what he eats.

3. What does Pa say will happen to the peasants if they do not pay their taxes?
(a) They will become slaves.
(b) They will go down the chute.
(c) They will be massacred.
(d) They will be banished.

4. Who comes into Pa's cave while he is sleeping?
(a) Ma.
(b) Czar.
(c) Manure.
(d) Buggerless.

5. What do the men want to do with the bear?
(a) Put it at the front of the cave to scare off others.
(b) Cook it and eat it.
(c) Use it as bait.
(d) Skin it as a trophy.

6. What does Pa plan to control beyond the finances?
(a) Travel.
(b) Weather.
(c) Buggerless.
(d) Other kingdoms.

7. What does Pa say just before he leaves?
(a) Ma is in charge.
(b) To protect the palace.
(c) To collect more money.
(d) He loves Ma.

8. What does Manure say he will do when he returns?
(a) Take Ma away from Pa.
(b) Restore the kingdom to Buggerless.
(c) Remove Pa from the throne.
(d) Take up the fight of the peasants.

9. What does Ma want Pa to forgive her for?
(a) Leaving the palace.
(b) Letting Manure escape.
(c) Stealing his money.
(d) Sneaking up while he is sleeping.

10. What does Ma say will happen to him if he doesn't live up to his promises?
(a) He will be killed.
(b) Manure will steal the throne.
(c) She will leave him.
(d) He will face the anger of the people.

11. What does Ma berate Pa for in Scene 8?
(a) Being a coward.
(b) Not spending more money.
(c) For not knowing how to put on his armor.
(d) Having a poorly trained army.

12. Why do the councilors and Ma laugh at Pa?
(a) He gets confused and mixes up his words.
(b) He storms out of the building.
(c) He yells at Ma.
(d) He falls down and hurts himself.

13. How do Ma and Pa escape?
(a) Buggerless trips and falls to the ground.
(b) Ma begs for mercy.
(c) Pa swings the bear's body and knocks people to the ground.
(d) Pa kills Buggerless and everyone else runs away.

14. Which of the following is not something Pa dreams about?
(a) Learning that Ma stole all his gold.
(b) Being chased by a bear.
(c) Fighting Bugglerless.
(d) Killing Manure.

15. What do the men discuss as Pa is sleeping?
(a) Whether they can turn Pa over to the Russians.
(b) Whether they can join the Russian army.
(c) Whether Ma can save Pa.
(d) Whether to desert Pa now or later.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pa say to the person who comes into the cave?

2. Why does Pa believe he is feeling ill?

3. Why does Pa order lunch to be served?

4. What does Pa say he is going to do himself?

5. What do Pa and Ma say Buggerless can have?

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