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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the letter from that comes by messenger?
(a) Judges.
(b) Buggerless.
(c) Rosamond.
(d) Manure.

2. What do the men say to Pa which shows they are finally rebelling?
(a) If he doesn't stop complaining, they'll give him to the Russians.
(b) If he doesn't help with the bear he won't get any meat.
(c) If he isn't nicer, they will leave him behind.
(d) If he doesn't shut up, they will shut him up.

3. What is the gold she finds mixed with?
(a) Other metals.
(b) Jewels.
(c) Ash.
(d) Bones.

4. Who do Pa and Ma Ubu greet in the palace throne room?
(a) Nobels.
(b) Guards.
(c) Family members.
(d) Peasants.

5. Who appears unexpectedly at Buggerless' rally?
(a) Ma.
(b) A messenger.
(c) Manure.
(d) Pa.

6. Where did Manure go?
(a) Poland.
(b) Germany.
(c) England.
(d) Russia.

7. How does Pa react to the letter?
(a) With anger.
(b) With terror.
(c) With false bravado.
(d) With a sense of urgency.

8. What does Ma want Pa to forgive her for?
(a) Stealing his money.
(b) Sneaking up while he is sleeping.
(c) Leaving the palace.
(d) Letting Manure escape.

9. What does Pa say there is no way he will do?
(a) Watch the amount of money they spend.
(b) Listen to what Ma says.
(c) Watch what he eats.
(d) Make Manure a duke.

10. Which of the following isn't something Pa complains about on his march to Russia?
(a) About Ma's attempt to steal gold.
(b) About how he can't afford a carriage.
(c) About how tired he is.
(d) About his weapons and belongings.

11. What does Ma intend to pretend to be?
(a) Angel.
(b) Russian.
(c) Ghost.
(d) Judge.

12. Who does Ma fight in the cave?
(a) Manure.
(b) Czar.
(c) Pa.
(d) Buggerless.

13. What does Ma have to do to get Pa to pay attention to him?
(a) She has to swear at him.
(b) She has to threaten him.
(c) She has to give him money.
(d) She has to kick him.

14. What does Pa do to Ma as it becomes light outside?
(a) He asks her where the money is.
(b) He throws the body of the bear on her.
(c) He smacks her across the face.
(d) He tells her he is going to give her to the Russians.

15. Who does Pa call to his council chambers?
(a) Guards.
(b) Loyal followers.
(c) Enemies.
(d) Councilors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not something Pa dreams about?

2. What does Manure say he will do when he returns?

3. What does Pa do while his men are fighting the bear?

4. How does Ma suggest Pa win over Buggerless?

5. Who appears with the Czar?

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