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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ma think will happen if Pa succeeds with her plan?
(a) He will become king.
(b) He will finally do something great.
(c) He will prove his love for her.
(d) He will buy her a new house.

2. Which of the following is an accurate description of the character Pa?
(a) He is poor.
(b) He is happy.
(c) He is cowardly.
(d) He is king.

3. What is Ma's opinion on Pa's love of money?
(a) She finds it disgusting.
(b) She encourages it.
(c) She thinks it is his one weakness.
(d) She shares it.

4. What does the king do for Pa?
(a) Makes him a count.
(b) Makes him an offer of more land.
(c) Makes him a member of the court.
(d) Makes him a duke.

5. What does Pa believe is the cause of the message delivered to him?
(a) The king is going to kill him.
(b) The king has discovered their plot.
(c) Manure told the king of their discussion.
(d) That he and ma are going to be killed.

6. How does Wenceslas plan on attending the parade?
(a) With his other two sons to protect him.
(b) Without any soldiers or protection.
(c) Without armor or a sword.
(d) Without his wife or sons to better protect them.

7. Why does Pa want to get rid of all of the guests except Captain Manure?
(a) He has a secret to share with the captain.
(b) His wife told him to behave this way.
(c) He wants to talk to the captain alone.
(d) He knows the captain is sleeping with his wife.

8. What does Pa do after he is crowned?
(a) Promotes Manure to duke.
(b) Gives a big speech.
(c) Orders the people to find the queen and Buggerless.
(d) Throws money into the crowd.

9. Which of the following characters are the names of the soldiers who are helping with the plan to kill the king?
(a) Manure and Buggerless.
(b) Boleslas and Ladislas.
(c) Heads and Tails.
(d) Wenceslas and Duncan.

10. Why does Ma get angry with Pa?
(a) He is taking down the decorations that she put up.
(b) He is calling her names.
(c) He is eating the food she is saving for her guests.
(d) He is using language she doesn't want her guests to hear.

11. What happened in Rosamund's dream?
(a) She saw Buggerless killing is father.
(b) She saw Pa Ubu killing the king.
(c) She saw everyone at the parade turning on the king.
(d) She saw the king dead and the crown given to Pa Ubu.

12. What does Buggerless do right after he witnesses the attack?
(a) He calls out the window to the soldiers.
(b) He runs out to help.
(c) He takes his mother away.
(d) He prays with his mother.

13. What happens when Rosamund tells Buggerless that she feels much safer?
(a) He sees his brothers chasing Pa.
(b) He sees Pa with the crown.
(c) He sees his father killed.
(d) He sees his brothers being attacked.

14. What does Manure say to Pa's suggestion?
(a) That he finds it interesting, but he needs more than being a duke.
(b) That Pa can count on both Manure and his men.
(c) That he must tell the king what Pa is planning.
(d) That Pa doesn't know what he is doing.

15. Why does Ma feel obligated to encourage Pa to seek out his ambitions?
(a) She is looking out for his best interests.
(b) She cannot act this way herself.
(c) She is manipulative.
(d) She wants him to go to jail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pa vow as he leaves?

2. What does Manure complain about in regards to Pa?

3. What plans do Pa, Ma and the captain discuss?

4. What reason does the person give for wanting the king to change his mind?

5. What does Manure suggest Pa should do?

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