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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does the person give for wanting the king to change his mind?
(a) The king needs as many loyal people as possible near him.
(b) It is not fair to punish the boy by missing the parade.
(c) Pa is indeed a vulgar man and deserved what he got.
(d) All of the children should be present at such an event.

2. What does Ma think will happen to her?
(a) She will be able to kill him.
(b) She will have money.
(c) She will have to take charge of the situation.
(d) She will be queen.

3. What does Pa do when no one leaves after he completes the first attempt?
(a) He walks out of the room and slams the door.
(b) He overturns the table.
(c) He throws food and swears at them.
(d) He orders them out of his house.

4. What plans do Pa, Ma and the captain discuss?
(a) Plans to assassinate the king.
(b) Plans to kidnap and release the king.
(c) Plans to have Ma meet the king.
(d) Plans to ruin the king.

5. Which of the following characters are the names of the soldiers who are helping with the plan to kill the king?
(a) Manure and Buggerless.
(b) Heads and Tails.
(c) Boleslas and Ladislas.
(d) Wenceslas and Duncan.

6. Where does Pa meet with King Wenceslas?
(a) In the garden.
(b) In his bedroom.
(c) At his dinner table.
(d) Throne room.

7. What is Ma's opinion on Pa's love of money?
(a) She thinks it is his one weakness.
(b) She encourages it.
(c) She finds it disgusting.
(d) She shares it.

8. What happens as Pa leaves the king?
(a) He swears at his wife.
(b) He punches Buggerless.
(c) He falls and hurts himself.
(d) He shakes hands with the king.

9. Which of the following describes how the language of the play opens?
(a) Crudely filled with cursing and epithets.
(b) Eccentric and sometimes unintelligible language.
(c) Proper English mixed with some slang terms.
(d) A language foreign to theEnglish speaking reader.

10. What does Pa complain about in regards to the menu?
(a) How long it took to make.
(b) That it doesn't taste very good.
(c) That there is nothing there that he likes.
(d) How much it will cost.

11. Who does Pa blame as he runs into the room to meet with the king?
(a) Old woman and Manure.
(b) Manure only.
(c) Ma only.
(d) He blames the king's sons.

12. In what way is Pa violent?
(a) Physically.
(b) Emotionally.
(c) Cheerfully.
(d) Verbally.

13. What do the guests complain about?
(a) How bad the food is.
(b) How often this happens at their house.
(c) How bad a host he is.
(d) How bizarre his behavior is.

14. How does Ma react to the exchange?
(a) She tries to calm Pa down.
(b) She verbally attacks Manure herself.
(c) She pushes Manure out of the door.
(d) She agrees with Manure and flees from Pa.

15. Who does Buggerless fight with as Rosamund gets away?
(a) Pa.
(b) Tails.
(c) Heads.
(d) Manure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ma Ubu want Pa to do?

2. Why is Pa willing to give away some of the money?

3. Why does Ma get angry with Pa?

4. What does Pa vow as he leaves?

5. What does Manure suggest Pa should do?

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