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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the king do for Pa?
(a) Makes him a member of the court.
(b) Makes him an offer of more land.
(c) Makes him a count.
(d) Makes him a duke.

2. What is the character Pa defined by?
(a) His desire for money.
(b) His willingness to be a follower.
(c) His loyalty to others.
(d) His love of the people.

3. What does Ma Ubu want Pa to do?
(a) Get a new job in Poland.
(b) Run for president of England.
(c) Make a plan and stick to it.
(d) Murder King Wenceslas.

4. What does Rosamund indicate her concern is based on?
(a) A dream.
(b) The fortuneteller's words.
(c) The prophecy.
(d) Her gut feelings.

5. What does the king refer to from Pa's past?
(a) His knowledge of the country.
(b) His honesty and loyalty to the king.
(c) His service in the army.
(d) His childhood best friend.

6. What does the winner of the race get?
(a) A place in the kingdom.
(b) A home in the palace.
(c) A position of trust.
(d) A chest of gold.

7. What happens between Ma and Pa when the guests come in?
(a) They continue arguing.
(b) They use more vulgarity though it is in code.
(c) They pretend like the do not know each other.
(d) They become friendlier to each other.

8. What are the people doing that helps to form Ma's opinion of them?
(a) Cheering for her husband.
(b) Begging for the return of the king.
(c) Calling for her husband's head.
(d) Fighting over the gold.

9. What happened in Rosamund's dream?
(a) She saw the king dead and the crown given to Pa Ubu.
(b) She saw Pa Ubu killing the king.
(c) She saw everyone at the parade turning on the king.
(d) She saw Buggerless killing is father.

10. How does the winner of the race feel?
(a) Relief.
(b) Gratitude.
(c) Surprise.
(d) Anger.

11. How does Pa react to the news?
(a) He becomes cowardly.
(b) He says he will kill him during the meeting.
(c) He cries uncontrollable.
(d) He verbally screams at Ma.

12. What do the people involved in the plan argue over?
(a) What method to use to kill the king.
(b) When they should kill the king.
(c) Who will become the king after he is killed.
(d) Who will actually kill the king.

13. What does Buggerless do right after he witnesses the attack?
(a) He calls out the window to the soldiers.
(b) He runs out to help.
(c) He prays with his mother.
(d) He takes his mother away.

14. These two scenes are more of a what and less of a parody?
(a) Drama.
(b) Comedy.
(c) Satire.
(d) Intrigue.

15. When the king says that he has complete trust in Pa Ubu, how do Rosamund and Buggerless respond?
(a) They say he is too trusting.
(b) They say he is hard headed.
(c) They say he is being foolish.
(d) They say he is too mean hearted.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Pa willing to give away some of the money?

2. What does Pa do when no one leaves after he completes the first attempt?

3. In what way is Pa violent?

4. Which of the following describes how the language of the play opens?

5. What plans do Pa, Ma and the captain discuss?

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