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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does the messenger bring to Ma and Pa?
(a) They are being summoned to meet the king.
(b) Manure needs to meet with them in private.
(c) Manure has brought them up on charges.
(d) They are being evicted from their home.

2. What does Manure say the people will do if he doesn't give them money?
(a) Kill him in revenge.
(b) Refuse to pay their taxes.
(c) Reinstate Buggerless as king.
(d) Overthrow him.

3. Which of the following is one of the main themes of this play?
(a) Excessive natures are poor relationships.
(b) Life and relationships are chaotic.
(c) Relationships are the meaning of life.
(d) It is through life and relationships that meaning can be drawn.

4. How does Ma feel about her actions and success at convincing Pa to follow her plan?
(a) She thinks she has almost persuaded.
(b) She will have to take drastic steps.
(c) She feels that he will never do it.
(d) She will have to find alternate strategies.

5. What does Pa issue orders for?
(a) Changes in the palace guards.
(b) A new set of soldiers.
(c) Huge feast and gifts of money.
(d) Presents for his wife and those that helped her.

6. Who does Pa blame as he runs into the room to meet with the king?
(a) He blames the king's sons.
(b) Old woman and Manure.
(c) Manure only.
(d) Ma only.

7. What does Rosamund indicate her concern is based on?
(a) The fortuneteller's words.
(b) A dream.
(c) The prophecy.
(d) Her gut feelings.

8. What do Ma and Manure want Pa to do with the money?
(a) Pay those that helped him richly.
(b) Divide it among themselves evenly.
(c) Distribute it to the people to celebrate his success.
(d) Hide it so that if he is overthrown they do not lose it.

9. How does the winner of the race feel?
(a) Relief.
(b) Anger.
(c) Gratitude.
(d) Surprise.

10. What happens when Rosamund tells Buggerless that she feels much safer?
(a) He sees his father killed.
(b) He sees his brothers being attacked.
(c) He sees his brothers chasing Pa.
(d) He sees Pa with the crown.

11. When the king says that he has complete trust in Pa Ubu, how do Rosamund and Buggerless respond?
(a) They say he is too mean hearted.
(b) They say he is too trusting.
(c) They say he is hard headed.
(d) They say he is being foolish.

12. How does Pa react to the news?
(a) He cries uncontrollable.
(b) He says he will kill him during the meeting.
(c) He verbally screams at Ma.
(d) He becomes cowardly.

13. What is Ma Ubu upset with Pa Ubu for?
(a) Lack of money.
(b) Lack of ambition.
(c) Crude language.
(d) Refusal to talk to her.

14. What happens after Pa gives the signal?
(a) Ma will distract the king.
(b) Pa will sneak into the king's quarters and the others will protect him.
(c) Manure will slice the king in two.
(d) The two soldiers will hold down the king.

15. What reason does the person give for wanting the king to change his mind?
(a) All of the children should be present at such an event.
(b) It is not fair to punish the boy by missing the parade.
(c) The king needs as many loyal people as possible near him.
(d) Pa is indeed a vulgar man and deserved what he got.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is the best definition of a soliloquy?

2. What does Buggerless say that he wants to do?

3. What does Buggerless do right after he witnesses the attack?

4. What does Pa do when he he gets tired of hearing what Ma has to say?

5. What is Ma's opinion on Pa's love of money?

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