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Short Answer Questions

1. What made Joe's morale plunge to the deepest depths?

2. Who else had a similar experience to Tippy while asleep?

3. Why might Ella not like being put in solitary?

4. Who did the hidden button call?

5. Mundo had the intelligence of a _______.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why can't Pat put things back entirely the way they were?

2. Why does Joe Chip believe that he was selected to keep the prudence organizations going?

3. Why would Ella not like to be in isolation?

4. How does Ella explain half-life, and why did Ella believe that he would never fully understand it?

5. What typo is in this chapter?

6. What was interesting to note about Sammy Mundo?

7. Why is there speculation that the prudence organization could be a racket?

8. In what state does Joe find Wendy?

9. What is a half-life?

10. Why does Bill say he likes Tippy? What does he do following this declaration?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the repeated references to cigarettes in this novel. How does this relate to the culture of the day in which the novel was written? How have things changed in regards to the references to smoking in literature?

Essay Topic 2

Explain how Joe's confidence increases throughout the novel. What are the circumstances that increase this confidence? How does he choose to exercise this newfound confidence?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the manifestations of Jory throughout the novel. When Matt and Bill appear to Tippy, what does this suggest about the state of the characters? How does this compare to the Matrix?

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