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Short Answer Questions

1. What color was Ella's eyes?

2. Why couldn't Mr. Runciter talk to his wife in the lounge?

3. How many times had he woken Ella in the past?

4. Who was at Joe's door?

5. What interesting information did Joe learn from the 'pape?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is a half-life?

2. How does Mr. Runciter find out who Ms. Wirt's employer is, and why is this information valuable to him?

3. What is an Artiforg and what does it do?

4. How did Mr. Runciter reveal that he knew who the person was that was financing Ms. Wirt's enterprise?

5. In what way(s) did Pat change reality for the group?

6. Why is there speculation that the prudence organization could be a racket?

7. Why does Joe Chip believe that he was selected to keep the prudence organizations going?

8. In what state does Joe find Wendy?

9. Why is it a sound business idea that Mr. Runciter sells his services to Ms. Wirt?

10. Why was Jory able to permeate Ella's conversation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

If the sensation of touch is a sense that is entirely related to the body, why is it that the people in half life experience physical sensations like touch? Provide an explanation as to why they wouldn't feel as though they were in a dream.

Essay Topic 2

Take a closer look at Joe and Al's work relationship. How are the roles of Al and Joe similar? How do they differ? What is the purpose of their roles in the developing plot of the story?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the novel from a religious point of view. How many things in the novel express a lack of religion on the part of the author? What kind of things could allude to a religion?

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