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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Joe and Mr. Runciter decided on?
(a) Joe should obey every request of the client.
(b) Joe should actually marry Pat.
(c) Joe should measure the psionic field despite the clients wishes.
(d) Pat should remain within sight at all times.

2. What does Al suggest that Joe takes him up on?
(a) Burying Mr. Runciter.
(b) Taking a short vacation.
(c) Getting a hotel room.
(d) Talking to Ella right away.

3. What object did Joe and Al buy from the supermarket?
(a) A cell phone.
(b) A tape recorder.
(c) A new vidphone.
(d) An audio recorder.

4. Who did Joe identify was the owner of the voice?
(a) Don Denny.
(b) Wendy Wright.
(c) Al Hammond.
(d) Mr. Runciter.

5. What did the tattoo on Pat's arm say?

Short Answer Questions

1. Pat explained that she was the anti______.

2. What is the voice on the phone presently talking about?

3. In what form was the tranquilizer given to Joe to consume?

4. Who was it that Joe was infatuated with?

5. What does Pat do at the Kibbutz?

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