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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Von Vogalsang offer to do for Glen?
(a) To offer advice instead.
(b) To unplug Jory.
(c) To put Ella in a room by herself to inhibit hetero-psychic infusion.
(d) To bury Ella.

2. What color was Ella's eyes?
(a) Blue.
(b) Green.
(c) Brown.
(d) Blue-green.

3. What is "night coming" a euphemism for?
(a) Death.
(b) Loneliness.
(c) Decay.
(d) Darkness.

4. What wasn't on Al Hammond's list?
(a) Wendy's aged death.
(b) Stale cigarettes.
(c) Obsolete money.
(d) Putrefied food.

5. Why did Archer's Drugstore close?
(a) Wilma Archer took poor Ed for everything he owned in the divorce.
(b) Ed Archer came down with throat cancer.
(c) Ed Archer died.
(d) Ed Archer skipped town.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Joe identify was the owner of the voice?

2. How does graffiti convey meaning?

3. What did Stanton Mick do?

4. Mundo had the intelligence of a _______.

5. What does Joe suggest when he realizes that Runciter is mortally wounded?

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