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This is the futuristic Earth that the author creates.


This is the place where Runciter and the eleven inertials head to complete a contract, that ultimately kills them all.


This is a place in which everything you do has to be paid for, including opening the door.

Des Moines

This is where the inertials head, minus Wendy and Al, to attend Runciter's funeral.


This is were Al and Joe head to see if Runciter money will be accepted.

The Prudence Organizations

This is the name given to people that prevent telepaths and precogs from doing their work; Ray Hollis' opposition.


Assuming many forms throughout the novel, this, in spray form is the only thing that prevents the deterioration of people.

Pratfall II

Runciter's "pride and joy."


This is the place where dead people can be stored and communicated with for a certain...

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