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Terra - This is the futuristic Earth that the author creates.

Luna - This is the place where Runciter and the eleven inertials head to complete a contract, that ultimately kills them all.

Conapt - This is a place in which everything you do has to be paid for, including opening the door.

Des Moines - This is where the inertials head, minus Wendy and Al, to attend Runciter's funeral.

Baltimore - This is were Al and Joe head to see if Runciter money will be accepted.

The Prudence Organizations - This is the name given to people that prevent telepaths and precogs from doing their work; Ray Hollis' opposition.

Ubik - Assuming many forms throughout the novel, this, in spray form is the only thing that prevents the deterioration of people.

Pratfall II - Runciter's "pride and joy."

Moratoriums - This is the place where dead...

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