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Conapt Replication!

Create a miniature model of Joe Chips conapt.

Conapt Calculation!

Using Joe Chip's conapt as an example, come up with an amount of money that it would take to get around for a day.

Dead Celebrity Conversations!

Imaging that Cold pac body communing was possible. What celebrity or major public figure who has passed away would you like to talk to, and what would you ask them?

Create Your Own Half Life!

Imagine a half life world in which Jory, or people similar to him don't exist. How would you spend your half life and where would it be?

Classic Regressions!

Create an automotive timeline from the present back to the 1930s.

Fashion Regression!

Create a timeline of the fashions from the present day to the 1930s.

Social Regression!

Explain how peoples social views have changed since the 1930s. What kind of perspectives have changed, and...

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