Ubik Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Joe Chip - This character is in love with Wendy Wright.

Glen Runciter - This is the owner of all the Prudence organizations and is married to a character in Cold pac.

Pat Conley - This character is one that Joe warns Runciter about, marking the evaluation of this characters abilities with a XX.

Ella Runciter - This character has stipulated within their will that they'll continue to operate the business in the background while in cold pac.

Al - This character and Joe are close, traveling to Baltimore to find a note from Runciter within a cigarette carton.

Wendy Wright - This is the love of the main character, frequently described as being very tranquil.

Herbert Schoenheit von Vogelsang - The owner of the Beloved Brethren Moratorium.

Jory - This character is the reason for the deterioration of all the best of Runciter Associate's employees.


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