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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about the appearance of the Typees does Tommo notice most?
(a) Their skin is beautifully smooth and tan.
(b) Their features are very fine.
(c) They are all very tall.
(d) Their teeth are white.

2. What does Tommo notice about the insects in Typee?
(a) The mosquitoes carry deadly diseases.
(b) The ants make painful bites.
(c) There are no mosquitoes.
(d) Some walking sticks are almost as big as he is.

3. What do the natives keep asking Tommo to do?
(a) Exorcise the evil spirit in his bum leg.
(b) Hunt with them.
(c) Tattoo his face.
(d) Dance for them.

4. Taboos make people off-limits from others and what else?
(a) Condemned to be eaten.
(b) Miserable but wise.
(c) Protected.
(d) Free to travel widely.

5. How does Tommo compare the natives' lives with Europeans'?
(a) He thinks they have more dignity, but less freedom.
(b) He thinks they suffer for their ignorance.
(c) He thinks they have it easier.
(d) He thinks they are filthy and miserable in their poverty.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Marnoo, what do the French feel about coming to Typee bay?

2. Whom does Tommo ask Mehevi to take on the canoe?

3. Why do the natives grow up to be good swimmers, in Tommo's experience?

4. What does Tommo like about the Typee lifestyle?

5. What surprises Tommo about the birds and lizards in Typee?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the preparations for the feast of the calabashes.

2. Describe Typee marriage arrangements.

3. Describe the Stonehenge-like site Tommo sees.

4. What sight disturbs Tommo?

5. Who is Marnoo, and what is his interaction with Tommo?

6. What technology of Tommo's impresses the Typees?

7. How does Tommo describe the Typees' feelings about war?

8. What happens after the second skirmish with the Happars?

9. Describe a typical day for Tommo.

10. What does Tommo say about the Typees as swimmers?

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